Taylor Mega Is Eating A Hot Dog In A Swimsuit And Instagram Loves It

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Stick a hot dog in a picture and Instagram will go nuts. Throw in an attractive model eating one, and the platform’s positive response is almost guaranteed. May 14 sees Taylor Mega prove that hot dogs, swimsuits, and good looks make for a sensational update.

The Italian model is in New York City today, per her geo-tag. Her picture shows a hot dog stand setting and what looks like a recent purchase. With her hand to her mouth, Taylor is indulging in the city’s iconic snack with what appears to be a topping of ketchup and mustard. While New York City seems to have brought out this blonde’s appetite, she has brought something to the metropolis – herself. Taylor mostly appears to spend her time in her home country of Italy.

As the owner of Mega Swim, Taylor is also doing a great job advertising her merchandise. She’s wearing low-rise, acid-wash jeans with one of her swimsuits. The white one-piece comes low-cut at the chest and sufficiently high-cut at the hip to showcase some skin. Cleavage-flashing, but not overly so, the pool attire manages to pull off casual street style that’s apt for the time of year. Of course, Taylor’s piercing stare and knowing gaze add additional atmosphere.

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A simple caption has asked fans to choose between the hot dog and the model eating it. Fans have been leaving their thoughts. Two fans appeared to have the same response, per their identical comments.

“Dog Mega”

Taylor has 1.6 million Instagram followers. Many have likely been keeping tabs on what appears to be quite the NYC vacation for Mega. The past four days have seen the model in Times Square, Brooklyn, and what looks like a hotel room at the geo-tagged Four Seasons Hotel New York. While Taylor’s Times Square picture (seen below) showcased a slit mini skirt and trendy cropped top, her hotel Instagram picture came more demure. Taylor had opted for a long-sleeved little black dress with wedge heels. Both snaps did, however, manage to flash some cleavage.

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A CAPO DI NY ????????‍♀️

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Elsewhere, Taylor has proven quite the globe-trotter. Prior to her U.S. visit, the model geo-tagged posts in Japan. Earlier this year, Taylor took to the Middle East’s beaches. Traveling amid Instagram’s models has now become commonplace. Olivia Culpo treats her fans to snaps of her international jet-setting and mouth-watering local bites. British model Demi Rose does similar, albeit with a higher ratio of bikini posts.

Taylor’s travels seem to be bringing everyone pleasure today. The model in the picture is being catered to New York style, and her fans are getting a slice of the action too.