Halle Berry Channels Her Inner ‘Catwoman’ In Adorable Pic From ‘John Wick 3’

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Halle Berry sent some serious Catwoman vibes on Instagram with her latest post. The fabulous actress channeled her inner cat-loving warrior as she posed amid a group of cats while filming on location.

Earlier today, the 52-year-old stunner shared an adorable pic of herself surrounded by seven seemingly huge and visibly well-fed cats, which huddled around her as she showered them with love in true Patience Phillips style.

Interestingly enough, the snapshot was captured on the set of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, the latest installment of an action-pack trilogy that is famous for its love of dogs. The film sees Halle playing the role of the fearless and very seductive Sofia, an old acquaintance of John Wick’s (Keanu Reeves) and the proud owner of two exquisite and fierce-looking Belgian Malinois hounds.

According to the geotag on Halle’s Instagram post, the photo was taken in the superb town of Essaouira, a port city on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. According to Entertainment Weekly, the picturesque Moroccan town hosted the John Wick 3 filming crew as director Chad Stahelski shot an adrenaline-pumping action scene in which Sofia and John take down a small army of assassins with the help of her two dogs.

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Tick tock, Mr. Wick. 5.17.19 #Sofia #JohnWick3

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While John Wick 3 is certainly doubling down on the dog-centric nature of the trilogy, it appears that the movie set was overrun by stray cats, Entertainment Weekly is reporting. As it turns out, the felines are held in great honor by Moroccans and reign supreme on the streets of Essaouira. As such, Stahelski arrived at the scene ready to film the explosive action sequence only to discover that the situation was more volatile than he had bargained for.

“The Moroccans are not big on canines. Love a f***ing cat, though,” Stahelski said in an interview with the media outlet.

“There had to be thousands. We went there in the winter when we scouted and they weren’t that prevalent. We were like, There’s [sic] a few cats here, we’ll get a cat department, and we’re going to move all the cats out. We show up to shoot and there were literally a thousand cats, okay? And the cats have b***s of steel. They’re not afraid of anything.”

With the town under full feline occupation, the cats certainly made things trickier, considering that the scene also involved having dogs on set. As Movie Web points out, the cats caused quite a bit of chaos for the filming crew and even delayed production.

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Attention to my East Coast #JohnWick fans, I’m dying to meet you! Want to hang out at the #JohnWick3 premiere in New York on May 9th? Then I want to see your four legged partner-in-crime! Sofia’s dogs are loyal companions and protectors and I want to see yours. Post a photo of you and your canine side kick with the hashtag #SofiaSweepstakesNY for the chance to win TWO tickets to the Premiere, After-Party and Continental John Wick Experience hosted by @lionsgate! I will be choosing one lucky winner from the tri-state area on Monday, 05/06 at 12PM PST on my stories. Good luck and I can’t wait to meet you ♥️ (flights & accommodations not included, official rules available via link in bio and at sofiasweepstakes.com)

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“We had to build massive walls of cages. They’re just stray cats, but we want to be good handlers. So, we built little cat houses, put them in, had to feed them,” said Stahelski.

“We had walls of cats. Walls of fucking cats. The amount of f***ing cat food — we were probably feeding more cats than people on set.”

These reports offer some edifying context to Halle’s latest Instagram photo, rendering it all the more impressive. Captured, in all likelihood, during a filming break, the snapshot suggests that the actress was deeply invested in caring for the sturdy felines while on location in Morocco.

Taken on one of Essaouira’s colorful narrow streets, the pic shows Halle crouching down on the pavement to tend to the cats. The gorgeous actress looked entranced by the robust felines and appeared to be quite familiar with them as if they were all old friends.

Wearing what appeared to be a beautifully ornate, multi-colored djellaba – a traditional Moroccan garment that resembles a long, loose, full-sleeved dress – Halle looked absolutely enchanting in the new Instagram photo. She wore her long, chestnut-brown tresses in soft curls and topped off her look with a pink headscarf.

Unsurprisingly, the photo didn’t go unnoticed by Halle’s vast base of admirers, garnering more than 23,000 likes in addition to over 400 comments.

“Real cat woman,” quipped one of her fans.

“Catwoman springs to mind,” wrote another.

“Finally with some Cats rather than dogs,” commented one Instagram user, most likely referring to the abundance of canine companions features in the John Wick trilogy.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum premiered in New York on May 9, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. The movie hits the rest of U.S. theaters this weekend.