Isaac Kappy Dead, Actor Reportedly Jumped Off Bridge In Arizona

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Isaac Kappy, an actor who had parts in such films as Thor and Terminator: Salvation — and such TV shows as Breaking Bad and Vanderpump Rules— has reportedly died in an apparent suicide.

According to TMZ, Kappy jumped from a bridge in Arizona, plummeting to his death. The site published confirmation that a body discovered Monday was that of Kappy, 42. The confirmation reportedly came from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Kappy was known for a couple of things unrelated to his acting roles. In 2018, he was accused of choking Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter. Kappy was accused of choking her during a party, after which time he continued texting Jackson, who responded — allegedly doing so out of fear that Kappy was suicidal. And Kappy, per The Daily Beast, was a believer in the QAnon conspiracy theory, one which alleged the existence of a pedophile ring comprised of celebrities and politicians.

Per The Arizona Daily Sun, Kappy was based in Albuquerque, which is where Breaking Bad was filmed. His body was struck by a Ford pickup truck after he had jumped from the Transwestern Road bridge.

Last year, Kappy appeared on Alex Jones’ Infowars, where Jones described him as “a pretty big movie star.” Kappy alleged, without any corroborating evidence, that a series of famous names — including Tom Hanks and Seth Green — were, in fact, pedophiles. Kappy’s social media accounts often included QAnon slogans, as well as what he claimed to be inside information about pedophilia in Hollywood.

Prior to his death, Kappy deleted all of his Instagram posts. However, he then proceeded to posted a new one, which took the form of a lengthy screed.

“[I’ve] come to stark revelations about my character… I believed myself to be a good guy. I HAVE NOT been a good guy. In fact, I have been a pretty bad guy throughout my life.”

The actor went on to admit that he had used people for money, had sold drugs, and had also accrued debts and tax delinquencies.

The note also referred to QAnon, apologizing to the QAnon community for bringing “shame upon the greatest military operation of all time.”

“Q says they give people enough rope to hang themselves, and I have hung myself,” Kappy wrote. “I have told people in the Trump Administration that I am willing to admit to my many crimes in a public setting and committed to execution, in a public setting.”

Kappy, per The Daily Beast, had appeared on Vanderpump Rules in its fourth season. These appearances largely came about via his participation in Charles McMansion, a band he formed along with the show’s Tom Sandoval.

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