James Kennedy Denies Mixing Alcohol With Drugs In Explosive 'Vanderpump Rules' Face-Off With Tom Sandoval

James Kennedy is denying his co-star's accusations that the angry outbursts he has become famous for are triggered by mixing drugs and alcohol. The Vanderpump Rules star got into a heated exchange with his one defender this season -- Tom Sandoval -- as he shot down the TomTom co-owner's claims that he mixes booze with "uppers."

On the heated Vanderpump Rules reunion episode, Kennedy insisted that he hasn't been "drinking and partying" lately, because he has been working a lot as a DJ. However, Kennedy's skeptical co-stars weren't buying it, People reports.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz alleged that she saw James wasted at a party recently, a claim which prompted Lisa Vanderpump to ask James if he is being honest about his sobriety.

Sandoval, who has been an unlikely advocate for James Kennedy all season, then claimed that James is at his "absolute worst" when he mixes alcohol with "other things." Sandoval said Kennedy is "chill" when he just drinks a beer, but once he starts mixing, all bets are off.

"I think when I've seen with you, James, be at your absolute worst is when you're mixing alcohol with other things. I see you have a beer, be totally chill, totally fun, mix it with other things..."
Kennedy questioned what "other things" Tom was referring to, while admitting that he sometimes smokes weed and drinks vodka.

"More uppers-type things," Sandoval said, describing the combo as the DJ's "kryptonite."

James Kennedy vehemently denied the allegation that he mixes booze with drugs.

"No, I don't... That's not my thing, so shut up. Shut your mouth."
Sandoval backed off, but it was an awkward exchange. James Kennedy had been placed in the hot seat once again.

Lisa Vanderpump noted that she thought James may have had a drink at lunchtime. Kennedy later admitted that he sometimes drinks due to social anxiety, and feels better "after a whiskey or two."

At one point during the explosive Vanderpump Rules reunion, James Kennedy sobbed to Lisa Vanderpump. James' "mother figure" told him to relax, and to stop being so combative with the rest of the cast, reassuring him that he's "got this." But Kennedy couldn't get past how "mean" the other Vanderpump Rules co-stars were being to him, even after he apologized for some of his past comments. During a subsequent heated exchange, James Kennedy walked off set after saying he "hates" his co-stars.

James Kennedy has been fired and rehired by SUR owner Lisa Vandeprump several times. The Vanderpump Rules boss told HollywoodLife that while there's a lot of "good" in James, it all comes down to his history of making bad choices.

"I think he'll be OK," Vanderpump said. "But drinking is his enemy, and I've tried to explain that to him."

A Bravo rep told People that James Kennedy will not be commenting further on Tom Sandoval's allegation that he mixes alcohol with drugs.

The final part of the Vanderpump Rules reunion airs next Monday at 9 p.m. on Bravo.