NBA Trade Talk: The Los Angeles Lakers Could Look At Going After Chris Paul

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It is now fairly well established that there are going to be a lot of new faces joining the Los Angeles Lakes this summer, and some familiar names heading out of the locker room.

There is plenty of speculation as to who will be hitting the roster, but not all of the rumored names may be those which Los Angeles Lakers fans really want to see. No matter what, though, it certainly does seem to make sense that Chris Paul could be a part of a trade — heading out of Houston, and traveling west.

The Lakers have a lot of one-year contracts which ended after this season, and they can unload these if the players don’t suit their future needs. This year, the Lakers also hold a lottery pick for the fourth consecutive year, which means picking up another young talent.

Of course, there is always the possibility of a trade for Anthony Davis — if the New Orleans Pelicans decide to go that route. Numerous big names will be on the free agency market, making themselves and their talents available to a team that has the money to spend.

It is no big surprise that LeBron James is good friends with a certain Houston Rockets point guard, and that point guard would be a welcome addition to Los Angeles. Fansided believes — as “unfortunate” as it may be — that trading for Chris Paul makes a lot of sense.

Chris Paul #3 of the Houston Rockets reacts in the second quarter during Game Three of the Second Round of the 2019 NBA Western Conference Playoffs
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Many critics thought that adding Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets line-up would propel them to numerous championships. While James Harden has stepped up to be an MVP candidate almost every season, Paul hasn’t quite lived up to the hype — and the Rockets are out of the playoffs, yet again.

This is not new territory for the Lakers, as they went after Chris Paul years ago, when he was a member of the New Orleans Hornets. Former NBA commissioner David Stern ended up vetoing the trade. Stern was an “acting owner” of the future Pelicans, and simply said that they “decided not to make it.”

Looking at the overall span of time, the Lakers have never had the greatest of luck in dealings with the New Orleans-based NBA team. Now, it certainly appears they are out of the running for Anthony Davis — unless a miracle happens. However, they could get a former Hornet.

This is all speculation as of this time, and anything could happen in the professional basketball world. Chris Paul has not been flourishing with the Houston Rockets, and he could find new life alongside his friend, LeBron James, as a Los Angeles Laker.