Bethenny Frankel Fights Back After Being Accused In Court Of Exploiting Her Personal Life For Attention

Theo WargoGetty Images

Bethenny Frankel was in court for another appearance in the ongoing custody trial for her daughter on Tuesday when her ex-husband’s lawyers accused her of exploiting her personal life to get attention. According to Radar, the Real Housewives of New York star fought back, saying that her fans help pay for her ex-husband’s lifestyle and lawyer fees and that she turns to them for support.

Frankel’s ex-husband Jason Hoppy is battling Frankel for custody rights for their daughter Bryn, 9. On May 14, during the second day of hearings, Hoppy’s lawyers asked Frankel about a 2017 Instagram story that the 48-year-old posted in the wake of her dog Cookie’s health crisis. The beloved pooch had a seizure and ultimately passed away. A teary Frankel posted a video of the situation, asking fans for support and advice.

But Hoppy’s lawyers saw the post as a way to exploit her personal life for profit. Robert Wallack, Hoppy’s lawyer, accused Frankel of wanting to take advice from her millions of followers rather than turn to her ex-husband and the father of her child.

“You were looking to exploit this tragic situation?” he asked. “You were doing it for attention, correct?”

Frankel denied the accusation and said that she wasn’t looking for attention but help. Wallack continued to attack the reality star, questioning whether her behavior was “appropriate” parenting and asked her why she felt like she had to share such intimate situations with millions of strangers. That’s when Frankel got upset.

“I know a lot of my fans. I do a lot of book signings. They help support me, and they help me pay Jason’s rent, and they are the people that are allowing me to stand on my own two feet. That’s how I made money to pay Jason millions of dollars,” she said. “That’s how he is paying your legal bills. That’s why you have this job right now. That’s how Jason can afford his rent, and that’s how I can afford my rent and support my daughter.”

The latest accusation is one of many uncomfortable details that Frankel has had to address during the contentious custody battle in which the reality star is hoping to get full custody of her daughter. Frankel has been asked to address how many men she has slept with since she and Hoppy called it quits in 2012. She has also been forced to address her ex-husband’s behavior, which she has called akin to “torture.”