‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Reality Steve Breaks Down Juicy Hannah Brown Sneak Peek

Ed HerreraABC

Spoiler king Reality Steve is breaking down juicy tidbits about Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season, and it sounds like there is a lot of great stuff on the way. He may not have the scoop on Hannah’s final rose ceremony yet, but he has revealed plenty of other enticing details — and the gossip guru is breaking down the latest in his Tuesday morning blog post.

As The Inquisitr recently detailed, Reality Steve’s spoilers have detailed some buzzworthy tidbits about some stunning developments that come late in Hannah’s season. He still has some gaps in the Bachelorette spoilers he has been able to reveal, but also thinks the latest sneak peek for Brown’s season provided some valuable context about what lies ahead.

As Reality Steve’s spoilers have detailed, suitor Luke Parker is supposedly a front-runner throughout much of Hannah’s season. He got the first impression rose Monday night, and for the past four seasons, that first impression rose recipient went on to snag the final rose, too. The Inquisitr shared that it was looking like that would be the case with Luke, too, but it seems something occurred which turned everything upside down late in filming.

Reality Steve has shared that, according to The Bachelorette spoilers he has gathered, Luke and Hannah do start out on an overnight date in Greece. However, something supposedly happens during the daytime part of the date that changes everything — and leads to Parker’s elimination.

In his newest blog post, Reality Steve says that he thinks the new sneak peek shared during Monday’s premiere provides significant clues about what happens. The clip is on ABC‘s site, and contains lots of juicy hints at what’s ahead.

Hannah may be a Southern belle, but the sneak peek for this Bachelorette season shows that she definitely has a saucy, sultry side. By the looks of things, this sultry side may play a role in things falling apart with front-runner Luke.

Reality Steve points out that the editing can be quite tricky during these clips, and that is the case with this situation, too. That is especially true when it comes to tracking some of Hannah’s outfits — and when, precisely, the drama seems to occur. For example, there is a key black outfit — and two or three red ensembles — that Brown wears at telling turning points of the season, worn in the presence of particular bachelors.

At about the 2 minutes, 38 seconds mark of this latest sneak peek, Hannah is shown getting quite angry. She verbally blasts whichever suitor she is with at this point. She is outraged, tells her date that she can’t believe he just said something to her, and she doesn’t mince words.

Hannah goes on to say that she doesn’t owe this guy anything at this point. In a separate moment — one shared with only the producer and the camera — Hannah says that this guy isn’t her husband. She says that whoever ends up being her husband will allow her to be her own person.

Ultimately, it appears that this incident ends up being about Brown being judged by one of her suitors for having been intimate previously. Hannah talks about how she has been intimate before, and that Jesus still loves her. One portion of the clip shows her at a table, alone, crying in the rain. Two wine glasses have been abandoned on the table she is seated at.

“How dare I be judged by a man? I’m a normal human being, like, trying to be The Bachelorette. And I don’t know what to do, and I’m scared,” Hannah says.

At one point, as Hannah says the previous line, she is shown wearing a black outfit that she definitely wears in Luke’s presence. Reality Steve says that while he doesn’t know for certain yet, he believes that all of this chaos and drama is likely related to Luke and Hannah’s date in Greece.

Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that it seems pretty clear to him that those tear-filled moments are “probably from the dinner portion of her overnight date with Luke where I was told ‘something happened’ and she ended it with him.”

The spoiler king acknowledges that editing can be tricky, and he says he will keep digging to see if he can confirm his suspicions. It would seem that someone essentially shames Hannah for not still being a virgin, but as Reality Steve says, Luke is not shown in those more intense moments.

“However, knowing what I know and reported, [it] certainly seems to make sense seeing that scene for the first time that it must surround Luke’s exit. I don’t know where else that would fit in with other storylines this season.”

Additional information should emerge soon, and it looks like fans have a lot to look forward to this season.