‘Party Of Five’ Reboot Releases Emotional And Politically Charged Official Trailer

Vu OngFreeform

A new trailer for the reboot of the 1990s hit television series Party of Five has just dropped, and it is full of emotion as it tackles some timely political subjects right off the bat.

The updated series, which will honor some of the aspects of the original hit show starring Scott Wolf, Neve Campbell, Lacey Chabert, Matthew Fox, and Jennifer Love Hewitt, takes a twist in the reboot as it shows an emotional look at the heartbreaking real-life effects of modern immigration policies.

Entertainment Tonight reported that the series, which will debut on Freeform, “changes up the concept of the original ’90s hit — swapping out the orphaned Salinger siblings for the Buendia family, five children left to fend for themselves after ICE officers drag their parents away and an immigration judge rules to mandate the family’s separation.”

The children are seen in a tearful separation from their parents as they try to figure out what to do while their folks are on the other side of a chain-link fence.

In the trailer for the Freeform series, fans see the family’s oldest son Emilio, who is played by 13 Reasons Why star Brandon Larracuente, wonder if he can take on the tough job of parenting his siblings in his parents’ absence.

In the original series, Matthew Fox played Charlie, who tended to his siblings after his parents died in a car accident.

The show tackled many mature themes, one of which was the long-term effects on children of losing a parent, and was honored for its efforts by winning a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series, Drama in 1996.

Series creators Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman stated at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in February 2019, as reported by Entertainment Tonight, that they had no plans on doing a straight reboot of the series. They instead found a way to make the show have “echoes” of the original while tackling timely subjects.

“As we began to see what the political climate of the world was these days and we began to see stories like this on the front page of every newspaper, we began to realize that what we had imagined, which was a story of orphans 25 years ago, had transmogrified to families of kids who are living without their parents in a very real way,” stated Lippman of the new series.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that alongside Larracuente, Emily Tosta, Niko Guardado, and Elle Paris Legaspi play four of the five leads.

Party of Five will debut on the Freeform network this fall.