‘Barbie Doll’ Abby Dowse Flaunts Close-Up Cleavage In Tiny Neon Bikini

Abby DowseInstagram

Abby Dowse is back on Instagram. The Australian bombshell’s latest update might not come as a full-length snap, but it’s giving her fans plenty to look at.

May 14 sees Abby rocking her latest bikini. It’s neon orange, plastic-strung, and it isn’t leaving much to the imagination. The snap shows Abby shot close up. The camera has taken in the model’s toned thighs, rock-hard abs, ample cleavage, and all-round tan. The two-piece does, however, come accessorized. Abby has opted for some loose overwear in white linens. Contrasting a background of blue skies and shrubbery, Abby’s electrifying colors are as eye-popping as the assets they’re containing.

Instagram has been leaving its thoughts.

“Wow unreal,” one fan wrote.

Another found the Perspex strapping “so sexy.”

Interestingly, many comments appeared to come from female accounts. One wrote that she was “seriously so obsessed with these bikinis.” Fortunately, for the fan, Abby has credited today’s look with a shout-out.

As Abby’s caption states, the bikini comes courtesy of Oh Polly. She’s even offered a discount code for anyone keen to grab some merch from Oh Polly Swim. Clearly, if anyone was born to fill Instagram with sun-drenched swimwear snaps, it’s this girl. Abby’s near-daily updates have earned her an Instagram following of 1.3 million.

Abby’s “Barbie doll” moniker was first reported by The Inquisitr back in April. The comparison likely stems from Abby’s impossibly long limbs, tiny waist, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Dowse’s Instagram isn’t exclusive to showcasing sensational swimwear looks. Her pool-appropriate attire comes balanced out with feminine lingerie, sensual négligées, and the model’s trademark thigh-high boots or suspenders. While the latter two frequently come with connotations of provocation, something about Abby steers clear of vulgarity. There’s a cherub-like innocence to this Aussie.

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On Holidays in @loungeunderwear ????????

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There is equally a slight air of mystery when it comes to Dowse. Her updates mostly come void of geotags. Fans will see Abby in homey, poolside, or beachy settings. Pinning down where those settings are located is, however, a hard game.

With a healthy following that appears to be climbing, Abby is now well placed to influence. Her Instagram bio announces a partnership with Fashion Nova. The affordable clothing line appears to have made a wise move – frequent shout-outs from its countless collaborators now see the brand’s name flooding the platform. Abby is just one contributor.

Whether eyeing up the merch or simply appreciating this model’s enviable curves, Instagram appears to be digging Abby’s latest snap. The picture had racked up over 13,000 likes within eight hours of being posted.