Top 10 Hottest Photos Of Indyamarie Jean, Chris Brown’s Rumored New Girlfriend

IndyamarieWikimedia Commons(CC BY 4.0 Cropped and Resized)

Chris Brown has reportedly taken up with Indyamarie Jean, a model who, perhaps ironically, has modeled for Fenty, the beauty line started by Brown’s ex, Rihanna. And not surprisingly for a model, her Instagram feed is filled with sexy pics.

Here are the ten sexiest pics of Indyamarie on Instagram.

The Classic Bikini Pic

No model’s photo portfolio is complete without the requisite bikini pic, and Indyamarie’s is full of them. Here’s her most recent pic, as of this writing, showing the model rocking a neon-green bikini and showing off her “Resting Beach Face.”

Is It A Yoga Pose?

It’s not really clear what look Indyamarie was going for here, but whatever it was, she pulled it off.

Getting Her Rave On

Based on the lighting, it looks like Indyamarie was at a rave, club, or dance party in this pic. Or it could have just been a regular photo shoot with extras and funky lighting. Either way, this look works for her.

Less Is More

Remember what we said a few paragraphs ago about Indyamarie being a Fenty model? Here she is showing off her patron’s lingerie line, Savage X.

But More Also Works

Models like Indyamarie live and die by the swimsuit and lingerie photo shoot, but that doesn’t mean that every sexy shot has to be about showing skin. Sometimes, sex appeal can still shine through even when fully dressed. Check out Indya rocking a ’90s look.

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The One-Piece That Was Meant For Someone Younger

Lots of models show off in bikinis, fewer show off in one-piece swimsuits. And fewer still do so in swimsuits like this one, adorned with teddy bears and rainbows.

The Everyday Look

Models like Indyamarie can still look sexy even when they’re just dressed for the day in jeans and a crop top. Don’t believe it? Look below.

Bringing Overalls Back?

Overalls, much like rompers, are one of those garments that don’t look good on everybody. But Indyamarie is having none of that; here she is pulling off a look that few women her age can pull off.

Let Your Imagination Do The Work

One of the tools at every fashion photographer’s disposal is the classic open-blouse look, where the garment is positioned just so, leaving the viewer to fill in the blanks. Here’s Indyamarie pulling off such a look.

Wait, Fanny Packs Are Still A Thing?

Usually, you expect to see a fanny pack on a middle-aged dad at a theme park, not on a 20-something model who knows that they went out of style before she was born. But Indyamarie still makes it work.