‘Jersey Shore’ Star Snooki Craves French Fries As Memorial Day Weekend Due Date Approaches

Craig BarrittGetty Images for New York Magazine

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is pregnant with her third child, a boy, and the Jersey Shore star’s Memorial Day Weekend due date is fast approaching. On Monday, the Daily Mail reported that the reality show star gave into her pregnancy cravings and shared it to her Instagram story.

The soon-to-be mom-of-three went through a fast food drive-thru as she looked to satisfy her craving for french fries saying, “Enjoying these last weeks getting French Fries, give me.”

She shared the video to her Instagram story on Monday. Later, on her Instagram story, Snooki revealed that her young daughter, Giovanna, had tryouts for cheerleading on Monday night. Snooki filmed a story that showed her walking around a store picking out some candy so she could put them in a goodie bag for her daughter to help calm her nerves.

On Mother’s Day, Snooki took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with her son and daughter, and included a sweet caption about enjoying the day with her kids.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing MAWMA’S our [sic] there! Keep being fierce as h***
This is the only day my kids are actually listening to me because any inconvenience that happens I say ‘Kids, it’s Mother’s Day’ & I immediately get ‘sorry mom love you.'”

According to the Daily Mail article, Snooki also shared a photo of the nursery that is set up for her son. The reality show star revealed that she is due on Memorial Day weekend, which is fast approaching, but it looks like she has everything ready for Angelo’s arrival.

A white and gray striped blanket is draped over the white crib. On the wall behind the crib, three framed quotes are on the wall along with a star above them.

Snooki revealed that she was pregnant with baby No. 3 last year around the holidays. She later took to social media to share the gender of her baby and included her son, Lorenzo, in the gender reveal. Colored powder was placed inside a baseball which was then hit by her son. As Lorenzo hit the ball, blue powder exploded out, revealing that Snooki was expecting a baby boy. She later revealed that she and her husband had picked the name Angelo for their third child.

Snooki rose to fame on the hit MTV show, Jersey Shore. The show was recently revived as Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and most of the original cast returned. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is set to come back for a third season.