‘The Bachelorette’ 2019 Premiere Spoilers: Hannah Brown Meets Her Men And Some Go Big To Make Their Mark

Ed HerreraABC

It is finally time for Hannah Brown’s season as The Bachelorette to start airing. Spoilers tease that the premiere debuting Monday night will be typical in most regards, but a few fun tidbits about what will happen will surely get fans buzzing.

Spoiler king Reality Steve has been sharing key tidbits throughout Hannah’s time filming her Bachelorette season and he has pinpointed all the juiciest bits of Monday’s premiere. He shared via Twitter that seven bachelors will have introduction videos shown during the early part of Monday’s premiere.

Viewers will see video segments featuring Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber, Mike Johnson, Joe Barsano, Matt Donald, Connor Jenkins, and Luke Parker. Reality Steve’s spoilers suggest that this video featuring Luke will probably get fans talking and it might rub some the wrong way.

Parker will talk about how he likes to think he’s fairly good looking, and he will admit that he used this to his advantage during college. At some point, however, he apparently had a major realization while showering one day.

Luke seemingly had an encounter of some sort with God and realized that he wasn’t acting like the man he wanted to be. Since then, he’ll explain, he’s been working on changing his ways, with his focus on becoming the type of man his future wife would want in a husband.

Additional Bachelorette spoilers shared by Reality Steve via Twitter indicate that as the season begins, viewers will see Hannah finding out she got the gig, then she’ll give host Chris Harrison a tour around Tuscaloosa, Alabama. There will be tidbits of her past pageant work, some time at the University of Alabama, and then some scenes of her on the beach in Los Angeles.

Reality Steve details that viewers will see videos created by some of the guys before they left home and after all of that, the limousine arrivals will begin. As is usually the case, quite a few of them will use gimmicks of some sort to try to make a lasting impression on Hannah.

Later, Luke will apparently be the first guy to steal Hannah away for a while and he’ll admit he’s had a crush on her since Colton’s season. At some point of the night, The Inquisitr shares that Parker will get Brown’s first impression rose.

The Inquisitr previously noted that Hannah’s besties, Demi Burnett and Katie Morton from her time on Colton’s Bachelor season, will pop up during the premiere. They’ll be hidden away in a van watching the cocktail party and Bachelorette spoilers suggest that’s how they’ll pinpoint that one suitor is not there for the right reasons.

Scott Anderson, the contestant involved, will try to dance around this. Ultimately, though, Hannah soon walks him out and he’s eliminated before the rose ceremony. The Bachelorette spoilers share that she’ll decide to take some time alone, and Luke will find her and try to comfort her. At various points of the evening, Luke, Cam Ayala, and Connor Saeli will get kisses from Brown.

Ultimately, eight men will be eliminated, as has been detailed via The Inquisitr. The remaining 22 suitors will get settled into the mansion and face the first round of dates with Hannah in Episode 2.

Will Hannah Brown find the fierce love she’s craving this season on The Bachelorette? Spoilers tease that there are some juicy twists and turns ahead and fans cannot wait to get started with this journey.