Bella Thorne Flaunts Major Bikini Cleavage In Latest Video

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Bella Thorne isn’t one to hold back on Instagram. The 21-year-old’s latest update bears the actress’ signature bikini look, although its purpose seems to be widening the world’s conceptions – Bella isn’t just an actress. Today’s video comes with background music and a confirmation. The beats are from a song from Thorne’s album, as the caption states.

In a low-key, makeup-free style that’s become iconic for the star, Bella’s May 13 video is low-frills. The footage shows her in the corner of a room. Her shadow bounces off a cream-colored wall in the background. Bella is bikini-clad in earthy browns. She’s preening her hair and a big lean forward into the camera brings the star up-close to her fans. While a little time is spent arranging what is likely a hand-placed camera, the video offers plenty of clarity. Bella’s halterneck cleavage gets its moment, as does her booty. Thorne moves from full-frontal to profile to showcase both.

A somewhat provocative caption points towards Bella’s openness to discuss all things sexual. Tumultuous as they may be, Bella’s romances continue to make headlines. Last year, People reported Bella’s “open relationship” with Mod Sun and YouTuber, Tana Mongeau.

Bella has since split from both Mod Sun and Tana. A recent Instagram update from both Bella and Tana did, however, have fans questioning if the two had rekindled things, as The Inquisitr reported less than a week ago. From Bella’s end, though, she’s solidly single.

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We ain’t back together but we hangin????

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Responses to today’s video poured in quickly. Paris Hilton left her trademark fire emoji. Members of the general public questioned the title of the song from the video. A personal reply from Bella appeared to confirm the song’s title – “f*ck me that money” seems to be it.

Bella has likewise been widening her career portfolio with the release of her latest book. The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray is Bella’s fourth publication. A solid all-rounder this girl may be, but today sees Instagram hone in on Bella’s music and her body – in particular, what she chooses to shave. The video clearly shows Thorne’s armpits as unshaven. One fan commented that Bella “don’t never shave.” Another mentioned “those pits.” Confident in her body, however, Bella doesn’t seem to mind what the world thinks. Today’s video isn’t the first social media post showcasing Bella’s underarm hair.

The video had racked up over 1 million views within three hours of being posted. Bella has 19.4 million Instagram followers.