WWE News: Tonight’s ‘Firefly Fun House’ Segment To Take Dark Turn On ‘Raw,’ Bray Wyatt Comments


For a few weeks now, WWE has been airing “Firefly Fun House” segments, which are essentially a demented children’s show hosted by Bray Wyatt. Many have wondered just what is going on with this change in the former WWE World Champion, but they may soon see that it isn’t as hokey as first imagined. On tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, the “Firefly Fun House” show is going to take a rather dark turn.

Wyatt’s new gimmick has seen him tie his hair up and trim off the majority of his massive beard. He no longer hangs out in the swamps and carries a torch around to light the way for his followers, but Wyatt is still hanging out with the buzzards.

A lot of fans ripped on the gimmick at the very beginning, but it has started to grow on them as the weeks have gone on. No one knows if he is going to be a member of Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live, as the vignettes have aired on both shows, but we may know soon.

On Monday afternoon, the WrestleVotes account on Twitter revealed that tonight’s episode of the “Firefly Fun House” will be different than what has been shown in past weeks. This may be the twist that old-school Bray Wyatt fans have been waiting for.

About 15 minutes after that was tweeted out, Wyatt took to Twitter and pretty much confirmed that something big will happen tonight.

One of the interesting things about Wyatt’s tweet is the hashtag “SecretTime” at the end, which has many wondering just what could be revealed. It could be something that has to do with his current gimmick, but others are speculating that it could refer to something he said almost four years ago.

The Inquisitr recently reported that Wyatt was upset with the WWE Universe for never figuring out a secret message he delivered in promos from back in 2015. He said that he had revealed a message over the course of eight straight weeks, but no one ever cracked the code.

Perhaps, he’s going to reveal his long-lost secret or it could be something entirely new that has to do with the Firefly Fun House gimmick.

Bray Wyatt speaks with his new friends in the Firefly Fun House.
Featured image credit: WWE

Bray Wyatt has not appeared in a match since defeating Baron Corbin at WWE Starrcade in November of last year. He has dealt with injuries and his repackaging by the company before appearing on WWE television again. Now, the “Firefly Fun House” has been impressing fans and tonight on Raw, the darker side of him and his friends is going to come out.