Spoilers for Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Nina Blasts Willow Again As New Troubles Arise At School

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode indicate that emotions will be running high once again. The sneak peek shared at the end of Monday’s show gave a few hints, and viewers will want to brace themselves for some intense moments.

For months now, Willow has tried to navigate some complicated student relationships within her classroom. She has talked with Nina, Valentin, and Lulu about Charlotte’s problematic behavior, and she has talked with Elizabeth about Aiden’s struggles.

Now, General Hospital spoilers share that Willow will bring Elizabeth and Nina back to her classroom to talk with them again. Interestingly, it doesn’t appear that Valentin or Lulu will be there, although it may be that they are there in this meeting — and just aren’t seen in the preview.

In any case, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Willow and Nina will butt heads once again. Whatever it is that pulls this group back together again, viewers will see Nina make an unflattering reference to Ms. Tait.

As Nina does this, she will say something about how they seem to be facing an unacceptable situation again. Elizabeth looks like she’s trying to maintain her composure as she rolls her eyes a bit, and Willow seems like she is doing her best to avoid escalating this situation as well.

SheKnows Soaps details that Nina will continue to give Willow a hard time throughout this May sweeps period. In addition, General Hospital spoilers note that Aiden will have additional troubles at school, and it looks like perhaps Willow will continue to feel that Charlotte can have an impact on this situation in some sense.

Willow made a big mistake a while back when she let loose on Nina and Valentin, since she thought she was leaving her teaching job. She almost lost her teaching position over the blowup, and she will surely work hard to bite her tongue during this next confrontation.

Fans have a hunch that this new round of drama between Nina and Willow will serve not only to bring Aiden’s storyline back to the forefront, but also to further build on the likelihood that Nina will eventually learn that Willow is her true biological daughter. There is little doubt that when — and if — that bombshell drops, both Nina and Willow will be rather unhappy to learn the truth.

What is causing Aiden problems at school? Will anything prompt Nina to face the realities of Charlotte’s troubling behavior? Will it turn out that Willow is Nina’s true biological daughter? General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will get pretty wild on this front over the next few weeks, and fans will be buzzing over what transpires.