‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Nurses Ball Begins, Laura & Curtis Find Trouble, & Tears Are Shed Over Oscar

Craig SjodinABC

A new General Hospital sneak peek has been released, and this one is all about the upcoming Nurses Ball. The week of May 13 will have plenty of drama, chaos, and tears, but viewers will get to see this fun event kick into gear toward the end of the week as well.

Unfortunately, much of the new teaser clip shared via Twitter shows behind-the-scenes glimpses of everybody getting ready to film. There is a peek at Lucy Coe in a ballgown opening the show and hints of a group of nurses preparing to perform. There are also shots of some of the attendees from the back as they wait for the entertainment to begin.

Just what can everybody expect from the Nurses Ball this year? The Inquisitr has noted that there will be a proposal happening at the event, but it is not known yet which pair will be involved. It could be that Finn finally manages to propose to Anna, which would seem the most likely duo ready for this relationship development.

While it would certainly be a stretch to make believable, some wonder if Kevin might fake propose to Ava to move their plan regarding Ryan forward. General Hospital spoilers have teased that Ryan will probably make an appearance during the event and seeing his love get engaged to his brother could lead to an explosive interaction.

Viewers know that Laura and Curtis have been in Canada trying to find Ryan. She Knows Soaps teases that soon Curtis will grow suspicious, but so far, it’s not known what drives this.

Fans watched last week as Laura and Curtis visited one home in search of the woman who is perhaps helping Ryan, but they thought the house had been abandoned before Ryan would have been there. However, someone was watching from the house, and it may be that Curtis and Laura decide to go back and check the house out again.

During the episode airing on Friday, May 17, Laura and Curtis will find themselves in a sticky situation of some sort. In the days ahead, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Curtis will become increasingly anxious to find Ryan and some suspect that is due to Jordan’s health situation.

Kevin was a match to be a kidney donor for Jordan, but Finn said he wouldn’t be able to move forward because Kevin is pre-diabetic. Fans had speculated that Ryan might somehow become the kidney donor for Jordan, and this development with Kevin would seemingly set this up almost perfectly.

As the Nurses Ball begins during Friday’s show and Laura works with Curtis throughout the week to find Ryan, others are preparing to say goodbye to Oscar. The Inquisitr shared that Ned and Olivia will step up and share what Oscar asked them to arrange in terms of a memorial service as Kim, Drew, and Josslyn will struggle with this process.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that there’s more Dawn of Day drama coming this week, too, and viewers will get scenes with many fan-favorites like Scott, Lucy, and Felicia. The week of May 13 will be jam-packed with action, and fans won’t want to miss a minute of what’s on the way.