Dennis Rodman Allegedly Stole A 400-Pound Crystal From A Yoga Studio

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Dennis Rodman is no stranger to controversy — whether he’s wearing a wedding dress to promote his autobiography, or is befriending North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. However, the former basketball player has a new mess on his hands as he faces allegations of stealing over $3,500 worth of merchandise from a yoga boutique, according to The Los Angeles Times.

According to the owner of Vibes Hot Yoga, Ali Shah, Rodman and three associates stole clothing — and a 400-pound crystal — over the course of two days. Shah also claims that he has proof of the crime, since his store has video recording, which can be seen on TMZ.

“It’s clear as daylight.”

A member of Rodman’s gang was allegedly a former employee of Vibes Hot Yoga. This former employee had been working as an Uber driver when they met Rodman, per Shah’s account. On the first day of these related incidents, Rodman allegedly entered the yoga studio and told the sole employee that the crystal belonged to him — and that he was going to retrieve it.

“They gave me false information,” the employee shared.

After this claim, Rodman then asked the employee to show him the back of the yoga studio. This meant that the employee left one of Rodman’s three associates free to steal clothing, allegedly stashing it in her bag, while the other two worked on removing the heavy geode.

However, the crew was obviously inexperienced. They reportedly dropped the 400-pound amethyst, causing it to shatter on the floor. Though the group collected most of the larger pieces, shards of the crystal remained scattered on the ground. It also caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the floor.

Shah, who had access to the security camera from his home, witnessed the whole thing. Shah called the police, though authorities have remained tight-lipped about the incident.

On the second day of the alleged spree, Rodman and the female associate from the day prior were already in the boutique when a second employee unlocked the shop. Again, Rodman allegedly distracted the worker while his companion shoplifted athleisure items from brands such as lululemon and Spiritual Gangster.

Rodman, however, has maintained his innocence. He told KCBS-TV Channel 2 that Shah had told him to take “anything you want,” per The Los Angeles Times. Rodman similarly repeated his claims of innocence to TMZ.

“They gave us the clothes.”

Shah is adamant that he never offered any freebies to Rodman or his entourage. Shah also believes that Rodman and his gang may have been drinking during the alleged thefts, as both employees claimed to have smelled alcohol on the crew.

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The Newport Beach Police Department said that the investigation is still ongoing. There have been no arrests made at present.