Hannah Brown’s Family: Meet Her Parents & Her Brother

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The Bachelorette fans will be watching Hannah Brown hand out roses this spring, and they know a few tidbits about her life outside of filming. For example, Hannah used to participate in beauty pageants and was once Miss Alabama USA. Brown is a Southern belle hailing from Alabama, but viewers did not get to meet her family since she was eliminated during Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season without a hometown date. What do viewers need to know about the Browns?

Distractify details that Hannah is very close to her family. The Bachelorette star regularly shares tidbits via her social media pages about her mom Susanne, her dad Robert, and her brother Patrick. It looks like there’s also a family dog named Roscoe.

Based on an old photo on Susanne’s Instagram page, it looks as if Hannah and Pat are quite close in age. While Hannah is currently 24-years-old, with a September birthday, it appears that Hannah’s younger brother turned 22 this past April.

One thing that quickly becomes clear by perusing Hannah, Susanne, and Pat’s Instagram pages is that the family loves to joke around. The siblings post frequently about one another, and it looks like they have been quite tight since they were little kids.

Hannah’s brother has joked via Instagram about how they’re the most dysfunctional family there is. Granted, it sounds as if that is likely another big joke from the close-knit family.

The Brown family is fairly religious, and they appear to love a lot of traditional Southern activities and hobbies. The Bachelorette star has been participating in pageants since her early teen years, and it looks as if she has always counted on her family as her biggest supporters.

The Bachelorette spoilers have not yet revealed for certain whether viewers and a couple of Hannah’s suitors will get to meet her parents and brother this season. Sometimes a lead gets to introduce one date to the family during a stop during filming, and viewers will remember that Brown met Underwood’s parents during The Bachelor this way. However, it doesn’t sound as if a stop like that has been incorporated into Hannah’s season.

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Hopefully, everybody will get to see Hannah’s family before the final rose ceremony. Each of the last two suitors usually gets to meet the lead’s family at the time of the last-chance dates, but Bachelorette spoilers haven’t revealed whether that’s the case with the Brown family this spring yet.

Will Hannah’s mom, dad, and brother have an impact on which man she chooses at her final rose ceremony? Family input can be quite valuable at this stage of the process, and it is clear that Brown is extremely close to her immediate family. It seems likely that The Bachelorette viewers will get to hear more about the Brown family as Hannah’s season airs, and it looks like they’ll be a fun bunch to meet later on in the season.