Ariel Winter Responds To Claims She Got Plastic Surgery On Her Face

Gabe GinsbergGetty Images for Palms Casino Resort

Ariel Winter is clapping back after being accused of getting multiple plastic surgeries to alter her face and body. The Modern Family actress was recently forced to clap back on social media after a troll claimed in a comment posted to her Instagram account that she’d had cheekbone implants, a chin shaving procedure, and lip fillers.

As reported by Too Fab, Ariel fiercely shut down the allegations while replying to the troll as she explained that her evolving looks were instead down to having a breast reduction and losing weight.

“How many surgeries have you had on your body and face now?” the Instagram user originally asked after the 21-year-old actress shared photos of herself in character as Alex Dunphy on the set of Modern Family last week.

After a fan stepped in to defend her, the social media user then accused Winter of having multiple plastic surgeries on both her face and body.

“Two breast reductions, that’s obvious, cheek bone and chin shaving and lip fillers,” they claimed. “Pretty obvious, she looks so different #Truth.”

That comment on her account then caught Winter’s attention, as she hit back by acknowledging her one breast reduction before vehemently denying the allegations suggesting she had even more procedures done.

“I wasn’t going to reply but I HAVE to ask…what the f**k is cheek bone and chin shaving???? You’re also wrong about all of it by the way,” Ariel clapped back at the hater with a smiley face symbol.

The actress – who’s appeared on Modern Family since it very first began a decade ago in 2009 – then clarified that she only had “one breast reduction & [lost] weight” before adding in response to the troll, “but you do you boo.”

But this certainly isn’t the first time Ariel has shut down claims she’s undergone extensive plastic surgery to alter her appearance since shooting to fame on the popular ABC comedy.

As reported by Girlfriend, the actress shared a snap of herself to Instagram just before her 21st birthday in January while wearing a curve-hugging black-and-white checked jumpsuit.

After several social media users accused her of having surgery on her body to achieve her curvaceous figure, Winter clapped back and once again denied having gone under the knife for anything other than her breast reduction – which she got back in 2015.

“I also didn’t get plastic surgery,” Ariel said after seeing the comments, some of which claimed she was looking too thin, after accusing the commenters of tearing her down because of her body. “That is also not being supportive of women if you’re just assuming something about the way they look.”

Earlier this year, Winter also spoke candidly about her recent weight loss.

BuzzFeed reported that she shared the details of her weight loss journey on Instagram Stories in April, revealing that had initially gained weight after she began taking antidepressants and found it much easier to lose weight and get herself in shape after changing her medication.

“It was always frustrating for me because I wanted to get fit and feel like the work I was doing was paying off, but it never felt that way,” she shared, claiming that no matter what she did while on the medication that she was unable to lose the weight she gained.

“The change in medication instantly made me drop all the weight I couldn’t lose before by just giving me back a metabolism,” Ariel then continued of how changing her medication helped her to drop the pounds, adding that she was now seeing changes in her body from working out that she just couldn’t seem to achieve before.