‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Franco Makes Promises To Cameron

Craig SjodinABC

Monday’s episode of General Hospital will contain developments related to several storylines, including some drama related to the ongoing tensions between Cameron and Franco. Viewers saw recently when Cameron tried to put up a tough front when he learned of Oscar’s death, but he hasn’t truly coped with the loss yet. Spoilers suggest that he may lash out at Franco as he tries to deal with his emotions.

A sneak peek from ABC for Monday’s episode shows that Cameron will be doing his community service when Franco shows up. In this case, Cam is picking up litter along a roadway, and Franco tries to joke that Cam is off the clock and that he’ll take him to Kelly’s for a burger.

Cameron responds angrily, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Cam will tell Franco he can knock off the fake bonding attempts. He’ll claim his stepfather is doing all this just to impress Elizabeth and Cam’s brothers, and it looks like Franco will try to navigate this carefully and positively.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Franco will tell Cam that he understands the teen’s feelings toward him. He adds, though, that the more he gets to know Cameron, the more he respects and admires a lot of what Cameron has done. In addition, Franco explains that he hopes they can get to a place better than just tolerating one another.

Franco goes on to say that he’s not trying to connect with the teen just for Elizabeth’s sake, but for himself, too. He admits that he knows he has not earned Cameron’s respect yet. However, he insists that eventually, he will.

Cameron doesn’t say anything through this, and Franco walks away once he is done talking. This surely won’t be enough to fully thaw the icy relationship these two have, but Cam does look a bit reflective as if he is considering all Franco said and maybe even he agrees a little.

According to She Knows Soaps, during Monday’s episode, Cameron will rise to the occasion in some way. General Hospital spoilers suggest that a fair amount of the May 13 show will revolve around preparations for Oscar’s memorial service.

Teasers hint that Cam may try to participate in this memorial in some difficult but loving way. However, it may be on another front that he steps up during this show.

Who will Cameron let himself lean on and open up to as he faces this difficult loss? He’s surely going to try to be tough for Josslyn, and he has had his challenges with both Elizabeth and Franco over the past few months. General Hospital spoilers detail that this process will be difficult for everybody involved, and things will get intense and emotional over the next few episodes.