Kate Gosselin Shares Joyous Mother’s Days Message With A Homemade Gift That Some Fans Think Is From Collin

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Kate Gosselin says she had the best Mother’s Day ever. The Kate Plus 8 star — who first became a mom in 2000 with the birth of her twin daughters, Mady and Cara, and then quadrupled her title with the arrival of sextuplets Aaden, Collin, Joel, Alexis, Hannah, and Leah in 2004 — took to Instagram to share details of her special Mothers Day with her fans.

Kate posted two photos of a wire art piece that depicts an intertwined garden of flowers. In the caption to the photo, the mom-of-eight wrote that while she is always thankful and looks forward to Mother’s Day, this year was especially special for her.

Gosselin told fans that she enjoyed spending time with her “adult/or almost adult children” this Mother’s Day as the teens laughed and talked together. Kate added that the day with her family was a reminder of all of the joy she gets from being loved by so many wonderful kids. The TLC star also revealed that the wire art piece is a “treasured gift” made for her by one of her eight kids and that it is a reminder of her beautiful garden of flowers who all call her “mom.”

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I am so thankful for Mother’s Day! It’s become a day that I look forward to, especially as my kids get older. It’s about the gifts...all 8 of them.. and spending time together! This was one of the best... no, this was THE BEST one for so many reasons: Time spent with my adult/or almost adult children— watching them laugh and talk and be teenagers together, seeing them roll their eyes when I said something that reminded them that I’m ‘old’ (although they refuse to allow me to refer to myself as old!!), and being reminded of the joy that comes from being totally surrounded by and loved by so many wonderful kids! This art piece is a treasured gift I received today. It was made especially for me by one of my kids and it will always remind me of my very own beautiful ‘garden of flowers’ —who all call me MOM! ???????????????????????????????? Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Moms!

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In the comments section to the photo, some fans questioned why it only appears that there are seven flowers in the art piece and not eight. Others determined that the flowers don’t necessarily represent each Gosselin child.

While some fans wrote that Kate’s 15-year-old son Collin was “left out again,” others defended Kate Gosselin and her estranged son.

“Or Collin could have made it. The nerve of people to think they know what’s really going on in a family,” one fan fired back.

Kate Gosselin has long faced backlash by some who have accused her of “forgetting” about Collin when he was temporarily living away from home at a boarding school for children with behavioral and learning issues. When Collin left the school in January, he moved in with his father, Jon Gosselin, and sextuplet sister Hannah, after Kate failed to show up at a custody hearing.

Jon Gosselin previously told Hollywood Life that Collin has “no” relationship with his mother Kate.

But Kate Gosselin’s joyous Mother’s Day message does make it seem as though she spent time with all eight of her “gifts,” just days after a birthday photo of the sextuplets featured just four of the siblings, while Hannah and Collin celebrated separately with their dad.

On Mother’s Day, though, most fans who posted reaction to Kate’s post were positive.

“You done good, Mama!” one follower wrote. “You’re a gift to not only your eight but to the rest of us who look up to you! Happy Mother’s Day!”