‘This Is Us’ Three-Season Renewal, Is The Sixth Season Really Its Last?


Fans of NBC’s This is Us were stunned when their favorite show not only was renewed for a fourth season but a fifth and sixth season as well! It was a happy day for viewers of the series, which chronicles the lives of the Pearson clan, and as series creator Dan Fogelman remarked to People, he is only at the midpoint of telling his story. Could the sixth season really be the show’s last?

At the conclusion of Season 3, where fans were teased with a flash-forward scene of the family at what seems to be the end of matriarch Rebecca’s life, Fogelman told the entertainment news outlet, “The finale sets us up for a fourth season that kind of acts as a hinge or a midpoint for the rest of the series.”

CNN reported that NBC would air 18 new episodes each season of the drama.

It also noted that although Fogelman has stated that he was intending six seasons of the series, “network officials aren’t definitively stating that the sixth season will be the program’s last.”

Within its story regarding what seems to be an unprecedented three-season renewal, CNN also noted that this is not the first time this type of massive commitment to a show has occurred.

The news outlet explained that ABC made a similar deal with the television show Lost when it was the highest-rated show on the network during the 1990s. At the time, showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse had to fight to get an end to the series. TV Series Finale reported that the two had to fight with network officials to actually end the show as the initial plan was to end after 10 years of telling the story of what occurred to the survivors on Oceanic Flight 815, which crashed on an uncharted island in the South Pacific. Both Lindelof and Cuse had to compromise on six seasons, which seemed like a reasonable way to end the show’s strange storylines.

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So now that it has been verified that the show will continue for three more seasons, what can fans expect moving forward for Rebecca, Jack, Kate, Toby, Randall, Beth, and Kevin?

People reported that Rebecca will try and find her place in the world in the years after Jack’s death, coming to grips that she must continue to be the touchstone in her children’s lives as they moved forward into their adult selves.

Although Randall and Beth seem to have found a way to make their work lives mesh with their personal lives after moving to Philadelphia so she could open her own dance studio and he could continue his work in politics, fans shouldn’t expect a happy ending for the couple, says People.

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Kevin, after a big breakup with Zoe, moved to Los Angeles to be closer to his sister Kate and husband Toby, who just had their first son named Jack after his late grandfather.

This is Us airs on NBC. New episodes will return in the fall.