‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: Major Characters Die, Shocking Theory Proves True

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Game of Thrones‘ penultimate episode was arguably the most shocking of all time, and fans on social media are completely stunned over what they witnessed during Sunday’s episode.

According to TVLine, the time came for Cersei and Daenerys to have it out, and the drama was at an all-time high.

The episode began with Varys writing letters and spreading the news that Jon Snow was the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Varys seemingly wanted people all over the globe to know that Jon was the best man to lead the seven kingdoms, all the while planting doubt about Daenerys.

Meanwhile, Dany was locked away in her room refusing to eat or drink after her last face-to-face with Cersei ended with Missandei’s death.

Finally, Tyrion came to her and revealed that someone had betrayed her. She immediately revealed that it was Jon. When Tyrion tried to tell Dany that it was Varys, she explained to him that Jon betrayed her when he told Sansa the truth about his parentage, which eventually leaked to Varys.

Dany had Varys executed by burning him with her dragon. She then tried to speak with Jon, and worm her way back into his bed. However, he refused her, likely because he now knows that she is his aunt. She was furious and decided to give the orders to take King’s Landing.

Before the battle, Dany told Tyrion that she had caught his brother, Jaime, trying to head back to King’s Landing to protect Cersei, but that her army had captured him.

Tyrion worked to set Jaime free and asked him to talk some sense into Cersei. He then told Jaime to have the people in the city ring the bells as a sign that they had turned their back on Cersei and surrendered to Daenerys.

Dany’s army readied and waited for her to give the signal. She started by flying over the iron fleet with her dragon and destroying all of Euron’s ships.

Later, the army breached the walls and began to fight Cersei’s men with ease. The men eventually surrendered and the bells began to ring.

However, Dany still sitting on her dragon got a wild look in her eyes and began to burn the city to the ground. Screams of all the women, children, and innocent people inside the walls began to ring out. Thousands were killed by Daenerys’ rampage as Jon, Tyrion, and Davos watched in horror.

Dany’s decision to burn the city and kill the innocent people seems to prove the shocking fan theory that the queen would go mad like her father.

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Jaime struggled to find Cersei and met Euron in the process. The pair fought, with Jaime killing Euron. When Jaime finally found Cersei, they didn’t fare any better. Their escape hatch had been blocked by rubble, and the brother and sister, who were also lovers, died in each other’s arms as the city crumbled on top of them.

Meanwhile, The Hound and his brother, The Mountain, finally came face to face. The siblings engaged in a brutal battle before finally killing one another in the much anticipated “Cleganebowl.”

Once Dany was done burning King’s Landing, it seemed that Arya was the only one still alive. She looked at the carnage around her completely heartbroken before riding away on a nearby horse.

Ashes fell down like snow on the destroyed city, which seemed to be a callback to a past episode where Daenerys had a vision of what appeared to be snow falling on King’s Landing while she was in The House of the Undying.

Game of Thrones will air its series finale next Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.