Diane Kruger Celebrates Mother's Day By Sharing First Snapshot Of Her Daughter

While it has been reported by multiple outlets that Diane Kruger and her boyfriend Norman Reedus welcomed their daughter – who is now 6-months-old – back in November of 2018, the duo have made a huge effort to keep the little one out of the public eye.

As People Magazine confirms, Kruger and Reedus have yet to make the name of their little girl public.

As Kruger has previously explained, the decision not to disclose their daughter's name to the media was based on safety issues surrounding being the child of a celebrity with such a huge fan base.

"Well first and above all, it's safety. We have The Walking Dead empire which has a lot of very intense fandomship that comes with it," she explained.

While Reedus has teased his 6.3 million followers with the occasional baby snapshot – such as the photo he shared of he and his little one's feet back in January – neither The Walking Dead actor nor his girlfriend has released an image of their little one up until now.

The 42-year-old actress, however, decided it was time to give her 849,000 Instagram followers a look at the child she created with Norman.

In honor of Mother's Day, Diane posted a sweet photo of herself donning a black string bikini as she sat on the shoreline of a damp sandy beach looking out at the ocean with her daughter hoisted up into her arms.

The duo, who were celebrating their very first Mother's Day together, watched as the sky turned shades of orange and pink while the sunlight sparkled as it radiated across the rolling waves.

Unfortunately, the photo was snapped from a distance by someone standing behind Diane and her little one. So, fans of the couple were not able to get a crystal-clear picture of the little one.

In less than 12 hours since Diane posted the sweet photo to her Instagram account, her followers showered it with over 66,000 likes and just shy of 1,000 comments.

Some took an opportunity to gush about their own children and mothers in the comments. Others opted to keep their comments simple and did nothing more than wish Kruger a happy Mother's Day.

"This photo is absolutely stunning. I hope you get it enlarged to hang at home," one individual complemented.

A few were quick to point out their daughter's "little bald head." While the photo was shot at a distance, the 6-month-old did not appear to have much hair just yet.