Tyra Banks Talks Ice Cream After Missing ‘Sports Illustrated’ 30 Pound Weight Loss Goal

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Tyra Banks has already admitted to Yahoo Lifestyle that she didn’t make her 30 pound weight loss goal ahead of her 2019 Sports Illustrated cover; the supermodel’s recent feature comes 22 years after first fronting the magazine.

“I thought I was gonna lose 30 pounds, and come back and look like that cover from 1997,” she said.

On May 12, E! News reported the 45-year-old as getting “real.” The America’s Next Top Model judge has taken to Instagram to open up about her body, her appetite, and her thoughts on needing to “drop 30 pounds.” Two posts made today show Banks in a red-and-pink polka dot bikini. They come with the iconic beachy look, but their captions are reflecting thoughts within. The captions see Tyra admitting to feeling she had to look “the same.” This likely refers to her earliest, career-launching cover back in 1997.

“Then the ice cream called my name. Yep, all flavors. From Butter Pecan to Matcha to Coffee. I love me some ice cream and I just couldn’t say no to it when I heard it calling,” she admitted.

For Tyra, though, ice cream screaming her name from her mother’s freezer is something to celebrate. Today, Tyra is telling the world to “screw cookie cutter beauty.” She acknowledges the need to consume vitamins and exercise, but for this icon, life should come with a little indulgence.

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Remember the 10 year challenge every one was doing on social? The one where you posted a photo of yourself now next to a photo of yourself 10 years ago? Well, I guess this is my @si_swimsuit 22 year challenge. Scroll the pic to see. But to me, it’s not just about what I’m looking like. It’s about what I’m FEELING like. Back then, I knew I had a plan to do more than model. I knew I wanted to make a difference. I knew I had a calling to do more than for just myself. I just didn’t know HOW I was gonna do it. Today, 22 years later, I rise out of bed everyday to show that yes, a woman who was a model (and is now a model again!) can indeed be powerful beyond pictures. Can indeed be a strong leader in changing the world’s perceptions of narrowly defined beauty. Can indeed be an example for others to follow so I can sit back one day when I’m old and gray to enjoy the things that YOU are doing to push my mission further than I ever dreamed possible. Yeah, my 22 year challenge has a whole ‘nother meaning beyond what you just SEE. #BanX

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As the first black woman to front the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition, Banks has been breaking down barriers for over 20 years. Her curves might have been suited to the magazine, but pursuing a career in the high-fashion world came with more challenges. The models Tyra accompanied during her ’90s runway appearances came smaller-sized.

As curvy as Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista were, their distinctly slender frames came to symbolize couture’s preference for size zero. The arrival of Kate Moss brought the heroin chic look to the table; Tyra seemed surrounded by the industry’s increasingly skinnier and more gaunt-looking faces.

Nonetheless, Tyra’s career took off. By the 2000s, her notable weight gain was making headlines. The year 2017 marked 10 years since Tyra told the world to “kiss my fat ass,” per E! Online. Having battled social media trolling in the past, Tyra is making a stand with her May 12 update. Her captions aren’t in self-defense of Tyra’s current shape; rather, they’re embracing it.

Tyra has 6.4 million Instagram followers. Her confidence today feels palpable. Sufficiently, it would seem, to hide the insecurities she faced in the run-up to her Sports Illustrated shoot, as The Inquisitr reported two days ago, Tyra went to the fitting in a “big sundress.”

The sun appears to be shining for Tyra. Given her latest thoughts, the situation likely calls for a celebratory ice cream.