WWE News: Big Sponsor Comments On ‘Abhorrent’ Racist Comments From Lars Sullivan


About a week ago, some past comments from WWE superstar Lars Sullivan came back into the spotlight and detailed some horrible thoughts and views. In those comments, Sullivan had delivered racist and sexist comments from when he was around 19- or 20-years-old. While WWE has yet to say anything publicly about his comments, one of their sponsors has spoken out about the “abhorrent and unacceptable” behavior of the SmackDown Live star.

Sullivan was a bit of a beast during his time in NXT and he was being built as the next big star upon his arrival on the main roster. After getting through some issues with his own anxiety, Sullivan debuted in WWE, but these comments have now taken over the primary focus of his arrival.

The comments made by Sullivan were written on a bodybuilding website before he ever signed with WWE. He spoke of those with mental issues and delivered a number of incredibly insensitive comments against other races and genders.

As reported by The Inquisitr, there were rumors flying around that WWE was hoping this whole situation would stay on the down low and eventually disappear. With social media being as extensive as it is, there is no real possibility of this situation just fading into obscurity without any kind of action being taken.

Now, the information has gone around and been received by sponsors of WWE. If the wrestling promotion chooses to do nothing, it could end up costing them more than they ever expected.

Lars Sullivan menaces in the ring on "Raw."
Featured image credit: WWE

A Reddit user named “SnitchBoy” posted that he wrote to the Mars Wrigley Confectionery company in regard to Lars Sullivan’s past comments. Mars is one of the sponsors for WWE and the Reddit user wanted to see if they were aware of his past comments which are against so many people and groups of people.

Mars wrote back to the consumer and addressed the topic at hand with confirmation that they were aware of the situation. They also stated that they hoped WWE was going to take action in this matter very soon.

“Dear Loyal Consumer,

Thank you for reaching out to Mars Wrigley Confectionery with your comments.

We learned of Lars Sullivan’s comments recently and share in your shock and disgust. As a values-based company, we find his behavior abhorrent and unacceptable. We have engaged the WWE to discuss this situation and seek to understand what actions they will take to swiftly address this matter.

We hope this information is helpful and wish you a great day!

Your Friends at Mars Wrigley Confectionery”

Lars Sullivan has issued an apology regarding his comments, but it may be too little, too late for this whole thing. There is no real way of knowing just how WWE is handling this situation internally, but it has already created quite a deal of negative press, and now, sponsors are getting into it. If WWE doesn’t do something about this whole thing, it could end up going in a very bad direction that will not look good for them or their superstar.