Democrats Warn Of ‘Worse Than Watergate’ Constitutional Crisis, Refuse To Commit To Impeachment

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appear to have opened the floodgates earlier this week by stating that the United States is going through a “constitutional crisis.” House Majority Whip James Clyburn joined the two, comparing the situation to Watergate.

“This is bigger than Watergate,” he said.

Now, a growing number of key Democrats is sounding the alarms — yet none of them want to commit to impeachment, according to a new report from The Hill.

Echoing Clyburn, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said, “this is more serious than Watergate.” Jamie Raskin, a Judiciary Committee member, suggested — much like Schiff and Clyburn — that what the Trump administration is doing is far worse than Watergate.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer took a different route, refraining from drawing a comparison to Watergate, but nevertheless argued that what the Trump administration is doing is unprecedented. Hoyer described the events unfolding after the publication of Robert Mueller’s report as “the greatest cover-up” in United States history.

While clearly fast to make alarmist claims, none of the top Democrats have called for impeachment. Nancy Pelosi warned against such a maneuver, claiming once again that it would be too divisive for the country and seemingly arguing that impeaching Trump would give him exactly what he wants.

Adam Schiff argued that the GOP-controlled Senate would never accept such an outcome, questioning the political repercussions of starting impeachment proceedings. He acknowledged, however, that the House of Representative’s refusal to impeach Trump could create a precedent, and allow future presidents to get away with misconduct.

Top Democrats, Nancy Pelosi in particular, appear to have opted for the safer route: investigations and legal action. Instead of focusing solely on Trump, House Democrats are targeting administration officials and “channeling their outrage” that way, as the Hill put it.

But apparently, some Democrats are frustrated by the discrepancy between top Democrats’ rhetoric and action. Without referencing House Speaker Pelosi or any other top Democrat directly, Representative Al Green of Texas said the following.

“I say those who try to refute the fact that we are in a constitutional crisis, many of them do so because they know that if you acknowledge that you’re in a constitutional crisis, you have to do something. You can’t say we have a constitutional crisis and then do nothing.”

In agreement with Green, Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib declared that a crisis of such proportions warrants impeachment, referencing a petition signed by more than 10 million Americans who think that Donald Trump should be impeached.