Samantha Markle Attempts To Drag Duchess Meghan’s Mom, Doria Ragland, Into Ongoing Family Rift

Steve Parsons - Pool Getty Images

Samantha Markle, Megan Markle’s half-sister, has slammed Doria Ragland for not using her influence to encourage her daughter to make peace with her father, Thomas Markle, now that she’s given birth to baby Archie.

“She could have said ‘get your dad out here,”‘ Samantha said in an interview with The Mirror.But sadly there seemed to be a lack of effort…Doria hasn’t tried to mend the rift between Meghan and her dad…I think everyone’s been hoping Doria and Meghan would have an epiphany, but I don’t know if it will ever happen.”

The Markles’ relationship with their royal relative has been in the media spotlight ever since Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry became news. Both father Thomas and sister Samantha have done controversial interviews with the press that appear to have driven an immovable wedge between them and the Duchess of Sussex.

As Cosmopolitan Magazine notes, Meghan has reportedly decided to move on from the family controversy and it looks like there’s little hope that she will ever seek to mend the relationship with her father.

Katie Nicholl, the author of Harry and Meghan: Life, Loss, and Love, told Cosmopolitan that Meghan was “incredibly hurt and disappointed by how many members of her family have behaved.”

“From what I am told, she’s moved on,” she said.

Thomas Markle’s list of controversial media antics is pretty lengthy considering that the world never really knew much about him until it became clear that his youngest daughter would join the British royal family.

As Cosmopolitan details, he has previously claimed that Meghan had cut him off financially, gave an interview in which he revealed details about a private conversation with Prince Harry, staged paparazzi pictures for money, and released a private letter from the duchess to the press.

Samantha’s behavior has been controversial as well. She has called her half-sister names in interviews with the media and claimed to be writing a tell-all book about their relationship. At one point, the project’s working title was The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.

But Samantha’s first statement about the birth of Meghan’s baby was pretty tame in comparison to her previous interviews.

“We’re all welcoming the baby — Markles, Raglands, Sussexes, Windsors,” she said to Daily Mail TV, as Fox News reported. “I want him to know he’s got a big family and he’s part of an amazing historical time and we’re excited for him. We’re excited for Meg and Harry — I am really excited for her.”

While the jury is out on whether the Markles will ever meet baby Archie, Doria Ragland is at her daughter’s side and it seems pretty clear that she will be a big part of her grandson’s life as he grows up.