Three People Found Impaled On Crossbow Arrows In A Bavarian B&B

Phil WalterGetty Images

In what sounds more like an episode of Midsomer Murders than a news story, three people have been found dead, impaled on crossbow arrows in a room of a quiet German bed-and-breakfast.

The Daily Beast says that a maid cleaning the rooms on the second floor of the Bavarian B&B in the southern German town of Passau found three people dead, impaled on long crossbow arrows on Saturday morning. Initially, she told one of the other chambermaids that someone had put a life-sized doll on the bed.

The story gets stranger, in that the three people, a man, 54, and two women, aged 30 and 33, did not come from the same place, and it’s unclear if they knew each other in advance. The housekeepers went back into the room to find all three people with the arrows impaled in their midsections. On the floor were two crossbows.

The man and the younger woman were from the same town, Rhineland-Palatinate, but it’s not known if they knew each other, or were a couple. The other woman, from Lower Saxony, 300 miles away, booked a room with a double and a single bed for three nights, and according to people who knew her, she kept to herself and was a homebody.

All three people arrived around the same time during a rainstorm, and asked about dining, but the kitchen was closed. The Innkeeper said that the three took “salty snacks” and Coca-Cola up to the room with the double and the single beds.

Another B&B guest said the three were odd.

“It was a strange group. They said good evening and just wanted to get to their room quickly.”

They described the man as older, with a white beard that hung down to his chest, dressed formally in a suit. Both women were dressed from head to toe in black. None of the other guests reported hearing anything strange from the room.

Passau police spokesman Stefan Gaisbauer spoke at a news conference to say they don’t believe anyone else was involved.

“Currently, there are no indications that anyone else participated in the deaths,” Gaisbauer announced.

Gaisbauer said it is not believed that the three were related in any way based on the identification they shared at the front desk at check-in. He said that autopsies have been ordered, and the B&B is back open for business, with the exception of the room where the bodies were found.