WWE’s Alexa Bliss Teases Cleavage & Cute Pigtails On Instagram

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One of the most ambitious, beautiful, and talented women in the WWE universe, Alexa Bliss — real name Lexi Kaufman — sets hearts aflutter and pulses pounding whenever she shows up on social media. In her most recent share, one made just hours ago as of this writing, Alexa makes it clear that she has what it takes to arrest the attention of a global audience.

In this particular image, one captured in a fairly close crop, the WWE superstar is captured in great detail. Her iconic platinum blond locks are styled in a dramatic side part, her bangs swept to either side to frame her gorgeous face. Meanwhile, some tresses are bound up in lengthy blond pigtails, the braids cascading lightly down about her shoulders. A snakeskin jacket, skintight black halter top, and chunky necklace all serve to showcase the slightest hint of the superstar’s cleavage, drawing the eye about her flawless decolletage.

Having a reputation for always bringing a top-tier makeup game to the table, Alexa Bliss proves that she definitely deserves this rep in this photo. Her pretty blue eyes are accentuated by long, luxurious lashes and perfectly shaped brows. Dark, smoky eyeliner graces her upper and lower lids. A bit of concealer and foundation work together to smooth out her already fair complexion, and her pouty lips are painted a pretty pink hue.

Preferring to leave the caption field blank rather than to leave a message to her fans and followers, it seems quite evident that Alexa Bliss was fully comfortable with letting her looks speak for her. Despite the lack of commentary on her part, her fans quickly flooded the share with over 83,000 likes in addition to innumerable comments.

“Million dollar babe… You definitely should insure those eyes with Lloyds of London,” fellow wrestler Alundra Blayze, aka Madusa, remarked. Madusa also added a litany of emoji — including a fist, winking face, and a flame — to her comment for greater emphasis.

“Your pigtails reminded me Angelica from Rugrats,” a second supporter quipped, adding a humorous laughing emoji to the mix.

“Are you going to be at the O2 tomorrow??” a third admirer asked, wondering if Alexa would appear at the WWE Raw event scheduled for tomorrow in London.

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Whether she’s competing inside of the confines of the squared circle or dropping some fierce heat on the mic against an opponent during a bitter feud, Alexa Bliss remains one of the most popular faces in the WWE universe. Her fans from every corner of the globe can’t wait to see what “Little Miss Bliss” has in store for them on the horizon.