Kamala Harris Blasts Trump For Talking ‘Irresponsible’ China Foreign Policy On Twitter

Justin SullivanGetty Images

The Washington Times reports that Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris slammed President Donald Trump for his approach to dealing with China.

Thus far, Trump’s approach to foreign policy with China has focused on tariffs — which he raised from 10 percent to 25 percent on $200 billion of the country’s imports — and he’s been vocal about it on Twitter.

But Harris said on CNN’s State of the Union that she believes that this approach is “irresponsible,” especially when Trump often tweets on a whim without consulting allies.

“I believe that there is no question that, over many decades, the rules have been written in a way that have been to the exclusion of lifting up the middle class and working people in America and working families in America.”

In her 2016 Senate run, Harris opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is a now-defunct trade deal agreement with several Asian nations. She is also wary of Trump’s decision to increase tariffs on Chinese exports, per CNN.

In addition, Representative Seth Moulton said on Fox News Sunday that Trump “absolutely” needs to get tougher on China in the face of the superpower “stealing American ideas and American military secrets through the internet every single day.”

“I don’t think this administration has a strategy. They don’t have any sense of urgency. And they clearly don’t know what this means to American families.”

Although Moulton agrees that tariffs are an essential part of a “comprehensive strategy” to address China’s growth, like Harris he believes Trump must coordinate more with allies.

As The Inquisitr reported, David Rothkopf, CEO of the Rothkopf Group,who served as Deputy U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Policy during the Clinton administration, recently questioned whether Trump’s economics degree should be revoked. In support of this move, he points to recent statements the president made regarding the U.S. trade disputes with China.

Rothkopf, who also provides content and guidance to companies and governments, claims that Trump’s view of the trade war between the two superpowers is “so profoundly dumb” that it would have failed even as a paper in an introductory economics course. He suggests that Trump doesn’t understand how tariffs work, highlighting that tariffs are not paid by China to the United States but by Americans purchasing Chinese goods from U.S. consumers and businesses.

Not only that, Rothkopf suggests that were he alive, Joseph Wharton would be “repelled and appalled” by Trump’s behavior and understanding of economics.