George Conway Calls For Donald Trump Impeachment, ‘You Should Pay With Your Office’ For ‘Ultimate High Crime’

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A new call for Donald Trump’s impeachment came on Sunday morning from inside the home of one of Trump’s most senior advisers and public defenders, when conservative lawyer George Conway — husband of Trump adviser and former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway — took to Twitter to accuse Trump of what he called the “ultimate high crime.”

While he never uses the word “impeachment” in the lengthy Twitter tirade, as summarized by Mediaite, Conway — directing his comments at Trump — declares, “you should pay with your office” for the “offense” of putting “your own perceptions of your self-interest above the national interest.”

Conway describes that “offense” as “the ultimate high crime or misdemeanor under the Constitution.”

Conway’s Twitter diatribe came in response to a pair of Twitter postings on Sunday morning by Trump himself, in which the president called the investigation into election interference by Russia in 2016 “sick and unlawful.”

But when the report on the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller was released in April, Conway’s wife called the release, per The Hill, “the best day” of Trump’s presidency since November 8, 2016, when Trump was actually elected. She claimed that the Mueller report gave Trump “a mean bill of health.”

In fact, the Mueller report — which may be accessed online via The New York Times — reveals numerous direct communications between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia, and found that Trump willingly accepted help offered by Russia, even though Mueller found no advance “agreement” that he believed could be charged as a crime.

George Conway waits.
George Conway, husband of top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway.Featured image credit: Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

In the report, Mueller explicitly stated that he could not “exonerate” Trump of obstruction of justice allegations, but noted that he could not charge the Trump either, due to a Justice Department policy banning indictments against a president in office. But this week, more than 450 former federal prosecutors said in a letter that were it not for the anti-indictment policy, Trump would have been charged with obstruction crimes, according to The Washington Post.

In his Twitter essay on Sunday, George Conway said that Trump suffers from “narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders,” and diagnosed Trump as “a malignant narcissist.”

The extremely public contrast between Kellyanne Conway’s unwavering support of Trump — and her employment by him in his campaign and administration — with her husband’s vocal and repeated condemnations of Trump have led to speculation about the state of their marriage. A 2018 profile of the Washington D.C. conservative power couple by The Washington Post portrayed their disagreements as extending into their private life as well.

“They love each other, are exasperated by each other, talk about each other behind each other’s backs,” The Washington Post wrote of the curious relationship between the Conways.