Instagram Bombshell Rachel Bush, Wife Of NFL Player Jordan Poyer, Shows Off Killer Curves In Skin-Tight Dress

Rachel BushInstagram

Rachel Bush gave her 1 million followers something of an impromptu fashion show over the weekend, taking to the image-sharing social media site to show off her killer curves in a skin-tight dress.

The Instagram model, the wife of NFL player Jordan Poyer, showed off the picture in her Instagram Story this weekend, a selfie shot of herself wearing the colorful dress that clung to her curves. The picture was mixed in with some updates from her weekend and what appeared to be some product endorsements, giving fans a bit of a treat for paying attention to her ever-growing Instagram Story.

Bush is no stranger to sharing racy photos online, using her Instagram page to show off a series of skin-baring shots, especially from her summer home in Southern Florida. It has made the 21-year-old a huge hit and one of the fastest-rising models on a platform filled with young women baring almost all for their followers.

As The Inquisitr noted, the attention has had its benefits and drawbacks. While Bush has been able to gain a huge following and use the platform to build her modeling career through a series of sponsored posts, she has also attracted the attention of some online trolls who leave comments about her appearance and even her family. Some questioned whether she should be wearing such skimpy attire in front of her young daughter, prompting Bush to respond in a previous Instagram Story.

“My daughter runs around naked I don’t think she’s gonna be offended by her mom in a bikini,” she wrote.

Bush also had some words for those who chose to leave spiteful comments on her page.

“I’ll let others continue to spread hate, lol,” she wrote in an Instagram Story last month.

In the same Instagram Story, Bush also shared a series of supportive messages that fans have left her through DMs, including those who praised Bush for being so positive about her figure.

The criticism hasn’t seemed to slow Rachel Bush, who continues to use her Instagram platform to further her modeling career and sometimes give fans a glimpse of her personal life. Bush is very busy during the NFL season, often following her husband as the Buffalo Bills go on the road. She has even shown her team support in the best way she knows how — by wearing a revealing bikini and showing off her curves in the middle of Buffalo’s cold winter.

Rachel Bush’s fans seemed pleased with her Instagram pictures as well, leaving thousands of likes and supportive comments on nearly every shot.