‘Breaking Amish’ Returning For Second Season

TLC’s controversial series Breaking Amish will be returning for a second season in May, the network announced Monday.

TLC has ordered eight episodes of the reality show, which will be moving from New York City to Florida for its upcoming season. Season 1 cast members Abe, Rebecca, Kate, Sabrina, and Jeremiah will all be returning.

The first season of Breaking Amish followed five Amish and Mennonite young adults as they moved from their community to the big city. But even though the series scored big ratings for the network, it wasn’t without its controversy. The series was accused of “faking Amish” amidst allegations that TLC wasn’t entirely truthful with viewers about its stars’ personal lives and inexperience with big city living.

Individuals who claimed to know the show’s stars alleged that cast members Rebecca and Abe did not have a budding relationship but actually have a child together, and that Kate has isn’t the technophobe she has been made out to be on the show. Facebook users claimed that she has been submitting photos to modeling websites. However, picture taking is prohibited in Amish culture. Jeremiah reportedly left the community almost two decades ago and is divorced with thee children, and Sabrina is also allegedly married and has been photographed wearing modern clothing.

The cast has addressed some of these controversies, although others were left unexplained in the series’ two reunion specials.

Despite the controversy, Breaking Amish has done well in the ratings. About 3.2 million viewers on average watched the first season, making it the network’s best performing freshman series among total viewers, households and women 18-34 viewers.

Will you be watching the second season of Breaking Amish?