Beyoncé Stuns In Skin Tight Matching Leggings And Top

Christopher PolkGetty Images

It’s not every day fans are treated to a photo spread from Beyoncé on Instagram. Thankfully, members of the Beyhive were given that treat today when their favorite singer posted a new batch of photos to her timeline. It had been over two weeks since Beyonce’s last Instagram post, where the “Crazy in Love” singer advertised her new partnership with Adidas.

In today’s post, Beyoncé showed off an impressive outfit she wore last night to the Houston Rockets/Golden State Warriors game which she attended with hubby Jay-Z. The happy couple attended Game 6 at the Toyota Center where Golden State took home the victory. Beyoncé and Jay smiled courtside together and enjoyed the festivities.

The look Beyoncé sported is sure to sell out soon online as it’s captivating her Instagram followers. The new post contained four images of the singer, who showed off her Marine Serre leggings and top. At first glance, it looked like Beyoncé was rocking a full body suit, but further investigating on the companies website proved she was wearing two separate pieces.

The leggings and top featured the designer’s famous crescent moon logo which was repeated over and over throughout the outfit. Beyoncé’s outfit featured Marine Serre’s black and red design, but the fashion house also offers the look in a variety of colors. For those looking to copy Beyoncé’s look, the leggings run for about $410, with the top going for $213. Currently, the red and black top Beyoncé wore in the photos is out of stock, but the leggings are still available.

Completing the iconic look was a pair of small-framed black sunglasses which Beyoncé wore throughout the basketball game. She also donned the shades for all four of her new photos. The mother-of-three also sported a black leather jacket with the outfit which served more as an accessory.

As usual, Beyoncé’s photo received an overwhelming amount of love, as the post amassed over 1 million likes in less than an hour. The photos also garnered over 20,000 comments from fans and celebrities alike. Many fans were commenting on Beyoncé’s darker hair in the photo, as the singer had been spotted recently with lighter locks. It seems the Beyhive might prefer the songstress with her darker strands, but clearly, the singer looks fantastic no matter what hairstyle she’s sporting.

Beyoncé also shared a gif of her and Jay at the basketball game saluting the camera. The couple was all smiles and the video is already pushing 1 million views in less than an hour.