Lindsay Lohan Wants Case Dismissed, Says She Wasn’t Mirandized

Lindsay Lohan’s new lawyer has filed a motion seeking the dismissal of his clients case. According to Mark Heller, even if Lindsay did lie to police officers, she was never mirandized.

Unfortunately for Heller, his strategy is now being mocked. Lohan was not taken into custody and was simply being questioned by police. Since it is 100 percent legal to question someone involved in a car accident, police were not required to read Lohan her rights.

It was later discovered that Lindsay Lohan was in fact driving the Porsche that was involved in the accident on the Pacific Coast Highway last June.

In another example of Mark Heller’s foolishness, he also allegedly attached a letter to the prosecution in which he touted Linday Lohan’s character. Under California law, Heller is not allowed to attempt to influence judges or lawyers outside of court.

The attached letter was so bad that it was purged from Heller’s legal documents.

In yet another strange incident, Heller issued a “Bill of Particulars,” which is almost never used in California courts and which almost never works. In his filing, he asks to suppress evidence, requests a motion to continue the case, and asks that all charges be dismissed.

As we first reported, this is the same lawyer who entered court for the first time with a lucky rabbit’s foot attached to his briefcase and then tried to flatter Judge Sautner.

Lindsay Lohan was forced to hire Mark Heller after she fell $150,000 behind in her legal bills to attorney Shawn Holley. Not wanting to deal with Lohan any further, Holley cut ties with Lindsay.