Jasmine Sanders Rocks A White Swimsuit On Instagram

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

While all of the Sports Illustrated models pose in a ton of different swimsuits, they all have one thing in common. Each model is always given a one-piece swimsuit with a very simple cut to pose in, and it features their first name, which is printed in upper caps on the front.

Jasmine Sanders shared an Instagram photo of herself rocking her “Jasmine” swimsuit, which was white with hot pink lettering for her name. For the shot, the model posed while sitting up on her knees in the sand, with the ocean visible in the backdrop. Her hair was worn down in natural curls, as she gave a small pout in pink lipstick.

In addition, she’s been sharing photos of her amazing outfits lately. Her newest post, geotagged at the W South Beach, was an all-pink ensemble. All of the pieces were matching with round cutout accents throughout, and consisted of a miniskirt, jacket, and a bra with buckle straps. Sanders completed the look with a pair of chunky white sneakers and sunglasses with a pink or white rim. She shared two photos of the outfit, one of herself laying on a barstool while the other showed her standing up while playing with her jacket.

In addition, another Instagram update from yesterday showed her in a metallic pink-and-silver outfit. The dress had a cute cut-out accent in the front, and had thin straps. The silver part of the dress looked almost as if it were spray painted on. Jasmine rocked the flirty outfit with a pair of pink heels, and posed in front of foliage.

In other news, Sanders revealed to Ocean Drive about the type of look she’s always trying to go for.

“A lot of people who inspire me, whether they’re famous or not, are usually [people who are] not really trying so hard. I feel like everybody just needs to take a breather and smile more, and care less about their outfit and hair and everything else. Not that I’m not going to care about it — and it probably will take me a while to do it — but it’s going to look like I didn’t care too much.”

“I cannot remember a day that has gone by that she is not rooting or screaming, or asking me what’s next,” she added, discussing how her mom has been a positive influence on her modeling career so far.

Fans of Jasmine can hope for more updates from the latest Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition in her feed. But the magazine is also available on newsstands today.