Isabelle Mathers Dons White Bikini & Poses Next To A Sports Car On Instagram


Isabelle Mathers has been featured in a number of bikini posts lately by Fae, a swimwear line that previously worked with Sports Illustrated for a recent photoshoot of their open casting call models. In one of the newest posts, Isabelle was spotted in a white bikini as she stood by a black sports car. The top was strapless, while the bottoms had a very high cut. The shot was zoomed out in order to accommodate the car, and while it was hard to see Mathers’ face, it was possible to see that she placed her left hand on her forehead and played with her hair with her right. The car was parked on a pavement, but right behind it was a white sandy beach.

In addition, two days ago, Isabelle was in a rather provocative video clip where she posed topless. She wore bikini bottoms and a white towel on her head and held her head with her left hand while placing her right hand over her chest to censor it. The model stood in front of a mirror and gave sultry looks while striking several different poses. Behind her, you could see a white wall with wood paneling. Since it was posted, the update has received over 48,000 likes.

Meanwhile, the model shared a longer video clip to her personal Instagram page. The update showed Isabelle rocking a wide variety of bikinis for Fae, as she was spotted walking alongside the beach. The car that was in the photo also could be spotted in the clip. It had a very beachy and summery vibe, perfect for promoting bikinis.

In addition, Mathers previously opened up to Bond Gold Coast News about her modeling career, noting that a typical work week means she’s working around 35 hours.

“Other weeks I only work 12-15 hours, it’s good because even though it’s a full time job, you get days off and cruisy weeks along the way. In saying that, it’s still not an easy job and a lot of people overlook modelling as a bludge or a nothing job but it is so much more than that. It’s hard not to get defensive when people say the usual ‘all you do is stand in front of a camera and pose’.”

And undoubtedly, it took a lot of work and effort to build her Instagram modeling career. Considering there’s a ton of competition, it seems that Isabelle has carved out a space for herself. It doesn’t hurt that she has a fan base of over 1 million people on Instagram, either.