Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Applauds ‘Drag Race’ Star Nina West In Touching Tweet

Lars NikiGetty Images/VH1

Politicians love drag queens too! A new tweet from Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is captivating members of the LGBTQ community, as well as fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Fans of the show are still trying to comprehend how Nina West was sent home this past Thursday over Silky Nutmeg Ganache, and many have taken to Twitter to praise Nina for her tremendous spirit.

One of those praising Nina is AOC, who sent out a touching tweet on Saturday morning. The Democrat was responding to an article by Out magazine which highlighted Nina’s work in raising money for the LGBTQ community in Ohio. According to the article, Nina has raised over $2.5 million and the publication made sure readers knew she was more than just a reality television star.

When AOC shared the article, she complimented Nina in the most honorable way and thanked her for the amazing example she is setting.

“In our house, we name a Queen of Hearts [Nina West] that is YOU! Thank you for being a relentless example of kindness, consciousness, compassion, and courage. Thank you for using your gifts to focus on voices + issues that deserve all the shine and elevation in the world,” AOC tweeted.

Nina caught wind of the heartfelt tweet and responded on Instagram.

“I am really humbled by all of this love and support. Thank you [AOC] for this amazing outpouring of love for me. But so much more, thank you for using your voice for all of us and fighting for all of us. I am so in awe of you, inspired by you, and hopefully one day, i will have the chance to thank you in person. I love you.”

The Drag Race star also noted on Twitter that she was still reeling from the message from the Representative, which then spawned a tidal wave of love from more supporters. Nina commented that she was trying to keep up with all the messages and thanked her fans.

There has also been a push for Nina to host Saturday Night Live, which the queen was so excited about and admitted it would be a dream come true. Nina was definitely the best performer in every acting challenge on Season 11 and was a standout during Snatch Game. Nina’s elimination is still a sore subject for many Drag Race viewers, but many are hoping she lands Miss Congeniality for the season.

Even Rihanna liked Nina’s post where she thanked AOC, showing that celebrities and politicians alike can get down with some Drag Race!