An Adult Movie Filmed Inside A Moving Tesla Set To Autopilot Has Caught The Attention Of Elon Musk

Sean GallupGetty Images

An adult movie filmed inside a driving Tesla set to autopilot has captured the attention of social media, and even the company’s founder is responding to the viral and very NSFW video.

The risque movie was reportedly filmed in the moving car, with the adults not exactly paying attention to the road. The film was turned into a meme that found its way to the top of Reddit, as well as making the rounds across social media.

After a screenshot of the adult movie gained viral attention this week, Elon Musk took to Twitter to offer a comment.

“Shoulda seen it coming …” he added.

The movie had been filmed by Taylor Jackson, an adult performer in Los Angeles, and was uploaded to the popular adult website Pornhub. In an interview with Insider, Jackson acknowledged that the car’s autopilot feature is only meant to be used by a driver who is paying full attention to the road with their hands on the wheel, but she was willing to test its limits in the video with her boyfriend.

Taylor said that she and her boyfriend had joked that a movie filmed inside an autopilot Tesla would make a great concept, and scoured around to see if anyone had tried it before. When it became clear that the two could be trailblazers, Taylor Jackson decided to move forward with it.

The two were able to stay safe during the filming, but Taylor said there was at least one scary moment.

“However, I did bump the steering wheel, knocked it out of Autopilot,” she said. “It was mainly a straight road, but it had a lot of traffic. We had a lot of cars driving by us.”

Elon Musk has never turned down the opportunity to do a bit of trolling in regard to his companies. He frequently takes to Twitter to mouth off a bit, which sometimes comes at the consternation of his companies’ shareholders. Musk’s most recent Twitter conquest was a dig at fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos, who announced that his company, Blue Origin, had plans to land on the moon. Musk’s SpaceX has been a pioneer in the private space industry, and he took the chance to do a bit of ribbing at Bezos for the announcement.

Musk shared a childish jab at the name of the Blue Origin moon landing vehicle and expressed a bit of doubt that Bezos might be able to pull it off, writing, “Oh stop teasing, Jeff.”