WWE’s Alexa Bliss Teases Leather-Clad Cleavage In Sexy Harley Quinn-Inspired Throwback Snapshot

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The WWE universe is absolutely in love with Alexa Bliss, enjoying her talents both inside of the squared circle as well as on social media. The feisty “Little Miss Bliss” is as famous for her moody attitude as for her in-ring abilities, and she frequently adopts a number of colorful aesthetics to accentuate whichever character she is currently portraying.

In a recent throwback photo posted to popular social media platform Instagram, Alexa Bliss — real name Lexi Kaufman — offered up some serious fan service. In this Harley Quinn-inspired look, the blond, pink, and blue bombshell could be seen teasing some serious cleavage in a skintight leather top, straps crisscrossing every which way.

Boasting an absolutely fierce face bearing her signature scowl, Alexa looks totally immersed in the moment — and in her character. Heavy makeup leads to an extreme winged eye, painted eyelids, and pretty pink lips. Long, luxurious lashes add a bit of dramatic flair to an already wild appearance. A bit of pink and blue fabric erupts in sheer puffs from her shoulders, matching a pair of cute bows wrapped about Alexa’s iconic shocked locks. Backgrounding her is a sequined, studded belt — adding a bit of a punk rock vibe to the whole affair.

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A Little throwback ????????

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In the very brief caption attached to the image, Alexa made it very clear that this was not exactly a recent photo, but rather a treasured throwback snapshot. Her fans and followers seemed to be absolutely stunned by the image, lavishing over 100,000 likes and 600-plus comments in response to the share.

“Harley Bliss was so amazing,” one admirer gushed enthusiastically, gesturing towards the blend of Alexa Bliss and DC Comics character Harley Quinn, which was clearly on display.

“All Harley Bliss is missing is her bat and her puttin [sic],” a second supporter on social media remarked, adding a trail of smiling emoji to their comment.

“Bring this cosplay back one day, please!” a third fan begged capping off their plea with a praying emoji and a weary face emoji.

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In a bit of exciting news that will almost certainly stoke the flames surrounding the hearts of her most amorous admirers, it appears that Alexa Bliss may now be a single woman. According to The Big Lead, Alexa had been engaged to marry fellow wrestler Buddy Murphy, but the two allegedly broke up some months ago — in September of 2018.

With this news having recently come to light, it looks like Alexa’s Instagram feed is about to become a lot more interesting.