‘Power Rangers’ Star Pua Magasiva Found Dead, Cause Unknown

Pool/Phil WalterBVS Entertainment/Getty Images

Sad news out of the celebrity world hit everyone early on Saturday morning as actor Pua Magasiva was found dead in Wellington, New Zealand. There is not a lot yet known regarding his death, but The New Zealand Herald did report that he was found unresponsive in a home in the city. Magasiva, an actor known very well for numerous projects and Power Rangers Ninja Storm, was only 38-years-old.

On Saturday, police were called out to the home in Wellington when Magasiva was found unresponsive. There has not been a cause of death revealed as of yet, but a spokesperson for the police did say that there are “no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.”

Police have also not said anything regarding his death as in if they suspect suicide, natural causes, or anything at all.

Magasiva was a very beloved and popular actor in New Zealand and around the world. He also co-hosted a morning radio show. NZME is the company that owns that radio station and chief executive Michael Boggs released a statement upon hearing of Magasiva’s death.

“It is with deep sadness that the NZME family has today been told of the sudden death of Pua Magasiva. At this incredibly difficult time our thoughts, prayers and condolences go to Pua’s family, friends and his many colleagues. For us at NZME, Pua was a loved member of our radio team at Flava. We’ve been in touch with Pua’s former work mates and are offering them support.”

Once word began spreading of his death, tributes from fans, friends, co-workers, and family from around the world began hitting social media.

Some of the more touching and heartfelt tributes started coming from his former co-stars on different shows and TV series. It started becoming even more real for the big-time fans of Magasiva as they saw his friends having to speak of his sudden death.

Pua Magasiva was most well known for his longtime role on the medical drama Shortland Street in which he played a nurse named Vinnie Kruse-Miller. He actually appeared in an incredible 451 episodes of the hit series.

He also starred in a number of other TV series and appeared in some movies such as the 2007 horror flick 30 Days of Night. Other hardcore fans of the Power Rangers will remember him as the Red Ranger in the 2003 spinoff Power Rangers Ninja Storm and 2004’s Power Rangers DinoThunder.

It may still be a few days until Pua Magasiva’s actual cause of death is revealed. There is no word if the actor had been suffering through any illnesses.