Ariana Madix Reveals Jax Taylor Accused Her Of Using The ‘Dad Card’ After Her Father Passed Away

Tommy GarciaBravo

Unfortunately, one of the biggest topics of discussion on this season of Vanderpump Rules was the death of a parent. Both Lala Kent and Jax Taylor lost their father’s within a year of one another, and their grieving periods played out on screen in Season 7. Lala got into a heated exchange with Raquel Leviss after the SUR hostess found out that Raquel made a comment about Lala using the “dad card” to excuse her poor behavior. A new sneak peek revealed that someone else in the group was accused of doing that very same thing a few years ago.

Bravo shared the new reunion clip on their website, where Ariana Madix revealed that Jax had accused her of using the “dad card” when her father passed away five years ago. Ariana’s emotional battle didn’t play out on screen the way it did for Lala and Jax this season, but apparently, the group wasn’t super supportive behind closed doors.

“I mean, I got actively made fun of and called names by people in this group because I was sad,” Ariana explained. “Jax literally said, ‘Ariana can’t play the dad card.’ Those words came out of his mouth. At the time, nobody literally gave a flying f**k.”

At that moment, Tom Schwartz jumped in claiming that he gave a “fucking f**k,” which Ariana seemed to confirm by thanking him.

Jax also responded to Ariana’s statement about the “dad card,” and apologized for his poor comment all those years ago.

“I apologize for saying that. Clearly, I’m going through the same thing. So, karma got me,” Jax responded.

Karma might not have been the best way to describe what happened to Jax, but an apology from the SUR bartender was definitely a step in the right direction.

Lala jumped in after Ariana made her comment about Jax, and the hostess said she was confused about why this group of friends was so “numb” about death. Hopefully moving forward if there are any deaths that affect this group, the friends can understand one another better than they have in the past.

Ariana also commented on Lala’s behavior this season, which was occasionally aggressive and over-the-top. The bartender suggested that Lala should have considered leaving SUR while she was grieving, since the restaurant can be a volatile work environment at times, and it wasn’t the best place for her to be.

The second segment of the Vanderpump Rules Season 7 reunion will air this Monday at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo. The season will conclude with the third and final segment the following week.