MSNBC Host Blasts ‘Tragic Old Man’ Rudy Giuliani

Tasos KatopodisGetty Images

On Thursday, The New York Times reported that President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, is looking to travel to Ukraine in order to lobby for investigations that might potentially prove helpful to his most prominent client.

Giuliani, as he told The New York Times, wants to meet with Ukraine’s president-elect to discuss two probes: one into the origin of the Mueller investigation, and another into the involvement of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son in a gas company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch.

Giuliani’s announcement was met with intense backlash from the Democrats, who accused the president’s attorney of actively encouraging foreign interference. House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff described Giuliani’s plan as “immoral, unethical, unpatriotic,” nothing that this type of behavior appears to have become “standard procedure” in the Trump administration.

The backlash prompted Giuliani to cancel the trip, at least for now. The lawyer explained his decision on Fox News, saying that the Democrats’ “spin” is to blame for the cancellation of the trip. But the attorney is still facing intense criticism. In an MSNBC segment broadcast Friday, host Donny Deutsch described Giuliani as a “tragic old man,” Raw Story reports.

Giuliani’s planned trip to Ukraine is a “sick, twisted, evil, judo move” according to Deutsch, who reminded MSNBC’s viewership that Trump’s attorney used to be Mayor of New York. Giuliani ran the Big Apple during the September 11 attacks, becoming a prominent figure in American politics.

According to the host, Giuliani was “a great mayor at one point,” but he has since changed. The host said that the attorney has become a “despicable figure,” and a “tragic old man doing anything to stay relevant.” Deutsch compared Giuliani to other members of the Trump administration, suggesting that he is worse than anyone else serving under President Trump.

“What a disappointing, sad, little old man that has taken on such a dastardly, evil, twisted manner that he would display this in the last 24 hours, which was probably just a publicity stunt in the first place. Out of all the president’s men, of all these swamp things, Rudy Giuliani stands out to me as the lowest of the low.”

Although many have criticized Rudy Giuliani’s proposed trip to Ukraine — which prompted the layer to cancel it — it remains unclear whether President Trump is fully on board with the plan or not.

In an interview with Politico published Friday, Trump discussed the launching of investigations into Joe Biden son’s business dealings, suggesting that the former vice president’s connections to Ukraine would be under greater scrutiny if he was a Republican.

Trump said that his hasn’t extensively spoken with Giuliani about the issue, but announced that he will.