Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’ For Friday: Kevin Isn’t Feeling The Love

Craig SjodinABC Press

Kevin didn’t have such a good day on Friday’s General Hospital. He’s been stuck playing the role of Ava’s fake boyfriend for God knows how long. He is expected to stick it out until his twin brother, Ryan Chamberlain, makes his return to Port Charles. In the meantime, he had other matters to attend, but that didn’t exactly pan out as he wanted it to.

Kevin really wasn’t much into playing the role of doting boyfriend, and Ava wasn’t too thrilled about that. She made it clear to him that they need to make their relationship look real in public. Kevin was glued to his phone waiting for a text from Finn about donating a kidney to Jordan. General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that all of the efforts to find someone to donate a kidney won’t be that easy.

While it looked like Kevin would be her hero, Finn told him that his glucose levels were too high, which would make a transplant too risky. After learning this, Kevin was devastated. What made matters worse for him is the fact that he doesn’t have the woman he truly loves beside him. Instead of Laura being by his side, he has Ava, and she is playing the role of concerned girlfriend pretty well.

Before Kevin got that text from Finn, he and Ava were at Charlie’s. They talked about how he was not acting like the devoted boyfriend that she thought he ought to be. In order to sell their relationship, she took a selfie of her and Kevin kissing. Ava was a bit rattled by that kiss.

Later, at the hospital, she kissed him again when he got the bad news from Finn. This time, it was because she was feeling something once again. Kevin was appalled and told her that if she ever tried that again, he would quit the scheme to lure Ryan out of hiding. She apologized and explained that the feelings that she had for Ryan are still there.

These two are expected to show up at the Nurses Ball together. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Ryan is also expected to be there. Will Ava get her revenge at the Nurses Ball? It will be quite a confrontation between them, especially since she still has feelings for the guy.

Keep watching General Hospital as May sweeps will bring plenty of love, drama, and Ryan Chamberlain to the forefront.