WWE News: 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Offended By John Cena Using Stunner, Cites Gimmick Infringement

It should come as no surprise that WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin finally decided to reference the new John Cena springboard stunner. While many fans have been impressed with Cena opening up his move-set to include such a move, people have also hated on the move because it is Austin's. Everyone who barely watches wrestling knows that Steve Austin used the Stone Cold Stunner to take out several people and win WWE World Titles. It is HIS move, so why is Cena using it?

We heard recently that Austin and Vince McMahon are having some issues with each other. Austin denied these things, and said he simply could not make WrestleMania weekend due to scheduling conflicts among other things. So most put that concept to bed, but then we kept seeing John Cena use the new stunner. This is not something he had to do, as Cena has used the same set-up moves and signatures for over a decade. So it appears that Vince added this move to Cena's repertoire.

That does not mean Austin gave it his blessing.

On the Stone Cold Podcast, it appears as if Cena using the move offended Austin by the way he spoke about it. Austin believes the stunner should mean something when used, and he feels that the springboard aspect of the move could be quite dangerous. Austin and his guests on the podcast referred to the move being "gimmick infringement" on several occasions.

Austin obviously seemed to not know that WWE was going to do the move for Cena before he used it. He may have not referred to it recently as he, like most of us, thought Cena was just doing a random move one night. However, it has continued to a point where we'll probably see it each week now.

Many fans have been impressed with how good the stunner has looked, on top of being impressed about the fact that Cena added a springboard aspect to it. Again, most seem to only hate the idea of it because the stunner is obviously Austin's move no matter how it's done. Now that it appears Austin isn't a fan of it, you have to wonder how fans will react going forward if Cena continues using it.

At the end of the day, it's great that Cena added to his move-set. No one really hates that, as fans have wanted him to add moves for some time now. The problem comes down to the move he is using. Most are now thinking that WWE told him to do it, which only makes fans want to boo Cena going forward. However, it isn't like he's not used to it.

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