Jon & Kate Gosselin Reportedly Saddened Over Divided Family On Sextuplets’ Birthday

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Jon and Kate Gosselin both celebrated their sextuplets’ birthdays this week, but the siblings didn’t spend the day together.

According to Hollywood Life, Kate is saddened by the fact that all of her children aren’t together on their joint birthday. The reality TV star has made a big production of their birthdays in the past with big theme parties. However, this year only four of the six sextuplets are living under her roof.

Kate’s daughter, Hannah, as well as her son, Collin, both live with her former husband, Jon Gosselin.

“Kate finds it painful to see son Collin and daughter Hannah be with their dad on their birthday, however, she also understands that it’s their choice and they’re really happy to be with their dad,” an insider told the outlet.

“She wishes all of her sextuplet kids woke up under her roof on their birthday together,” our source notes, but “she truly just wants them to be happy,” the source added.

“She’s very encouraging to all of the children to maintain a relationship with their siblings even though they have chosen to live elsewhere. It’s kind of a bittersweet day for her, but she honestly feels she’s trying her best,” the source continued.

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Our big celebration of #15 is finally winding down here! We celebrated ALL DAY LONG, beginning with a present at 6:30 am before school!???? I’m so very thankful for my ‘babies’.... somehow they are 15 already?! I’m amazed by them each day! I’m so proud of the positive qualities I’ve seen developing as they edge closer to adulthood. It hasn’t been easy for them, especially over the last year and a half, but they continue to persevere, stay positive and make lemonade out of lemons (to the point where I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to lemons, but what’s a mom to do?!????) but no matter what, these kids keep on keeping on! Such good, wholesome, loving, insightful, wise humans and I’m just so proud to call them mine! I love you guys to the moon and back a hundred billion times x infinity????! Happy 15th birthday! ???????????????????? #15 #Lemonade

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The outlet also claims that Kate Gosselin hasn’t spoken to her son, Collin, in quite sometime after he decided to move in with Jon just before Christmas.

Meanwhile, Jon Gosselin is said to be thrilled about Collin and Hannah living with him. However, he is upset that his kids aren’t together on their birthdays. He is also said to miss his children terribly.

Sources claim that Jon has tried multiple times to reconnect with his children, which also includes twins Maddy and Cara, 18, but that he has been unsuccessful.

Jon is reportedly hopeful that as the kids get older they may want to reconnect with him. However, he still reportedly encourages the siblings to have relationships with one another, even if they don’t all live together.

Jon posted a photo of himself with Hannah and Collin on Friday to wish them, and the other four sextuplets a happy birthday. He reportedly plans to celebrate with the pair and his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad.

Meanwhile, Kate shared a photo of the other kids, Leah, Alexis, Aaden, and Joel, sitting in front of their birthday cake ready to blow out their candles.

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