Wendy Williams Reportedly Writing Tell-All Book About Her Divorce

Robert MarchantGetty Images

Wendy Williams is said to be considering penning a tell-all book about her life with her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter.

According to Hollywood Life, Wendy may open up about her rocky relationship with Kevin in a memoir that could shock many of her loyal fans.

“Wendy may absolutely write a book about her relationship with Kevin, their rise together and the ultimate betrayal which ended their marriage. But not anytime soon,” an insider tells the outlet.

“She has her own publishing company, which will make it very easy for her to write, publish, and market her story…when the time is right and when she is ready to share with the world,” the source continued.

“Right now, she is still in healing mode and hasn’t started writing anything yet. But when she is ready to write her tell all about her marriage, Kevin better watch out, cause Wendy will have plenty to say and lots of things to get off her chest,” the insider added.

The source goes on to reveal that Williams has been very quiet about her divorce and the circumstances that have led to her split with Hunter.

However, the insider claims that Wendy’s silence is for a reason. The talk show host doesn’t want to give away details that could possibly be revealed inside the pages of the book.

Williams is said to be weighing her options when it comes to telling her side of the story. The source reveals that Wendy is a savvy businesswoman, and that she has been making big plans about how, when, and where she’ll reveal the details of her divorce, but not before she’s ready to do so.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Wendy Williams filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter last month. She then fired him as her personal manager, and as an executive producer on her talk show.

Earlier this month, Kevin filed his response to Wendy’s divorce documents. He’s now asking for spousal support and child support for the couple’s 18-year-old son, Kevin Jr.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Williams was not surprised at all about Hunter asking for alimony, and that she knows that their son will have expenses that need taken care of, which she has no problem providing for him.

Meanwhile, Wendy Williams is said to be focused on getting a fresh start, as well as focusing on her son and building up her empire following her split with Kevin Hunter.