‘Outlander’ Season 5, All The Latest Fans Need To Know

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As the filming of Outlander Season 5 is well underway, Starz and the cast have been sharing photos and clips on the set hinting at the struggles the Frasers continue to have in the colonies.

Radio Times shared a YouTube video of hints for the new season, including Jamie, Claire, Brianna, Roger and the latest addition, Baby MacKenzie-Fraser. While Starz hasn’t shared the release date, they did say that they started shooting last month with the full cast.

Season 5 is based on the Diana Gabaldon novel The Fiery Cross, and while the shows haven’t followed the format of the books exactly, they have proved to be a valid road map for fans of the series. When fans last saw the cast, Jamie had gotten an order from Gov. Tryon to find and kill his godfather and fellow Scotsman, Murtagh, and so everyone was left on pins and needles with an epic cliffhanger.

Richard Rankin, who plays Roger MacKenzie, Brianna’s husband, says that little time has passed since the season finale, but each lead character has a lot going on.

“Season five, we essentially pick up where we left them. There’s a little passage of time, but there’s a lot going on for all of the characters, and there’s a lot of new relationships to be forged,” Rankin said.

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The network shared an overview, that while most of the characters are living the American Revolution with no idea how things work out, she knows what’s ahead. The name of the fifth novel, The Fiery Cross, is indicative of the “ancient Scottish call to arms.”

Rankin stated that a major plot line will unfold with the rehabilitation of Jamie and Roger’s relationship, and there is a lot to learn about how and if the two can work together and become family.

“They don’t really know each other, they’re a bit unsure of each other; obviously Jamie played a huge part in what happened to Roger and what he had to go through, through season four, so I’m sure Roger won’t have completely let that go.”

The two men are now blood, as they share Roger and Brianna’s son, and because Roger is also a time-traveler, he has a lot to offer the family unit.

The Inquisitr says that another change for Season 5 will be that Outlander is gaining two new executive producers in Balfe and Heughan. Both stars will be able to share more input about the direction of their characters as the narrative progresses.