Allie Auton Goes Braless In See-Through Top And Tiny Daisy Dukes

Allie Auton is the Australian blonde whose smiling Instagram updates are getting noticed. May 10 is adding another grinning snap to this girl’s portfolio.

Today’s update sees Allie enjoying a quick snack. She’s seated in an indoor dining area with a few background bystanders, but this picture is all about the smiling girl in the foreground. Tofu on toast is on the menu, there’s an ice-cold beverage with a watermelon-pierced straw, and Instagram is getting another beauty in daisy dukes.

Allie’s outfit is low-frills. She’s wearing tiny denim shorts and a cropped yellow top in buttercup yellows. Her trendy look is also completely braless. It’s flashing toned limbs, a healthy tan, and a slightly higher ratio of clothing to skin than usual. Auton’s Instagram isn’t exclusively swimwear-based, but enough updates from this model peg her as a bikini lover.

With a Seminyak, Bali, geo-tag and a caption announcing she’s “leaving the Bali food in 2 days time,” Allie also appears to be both a foodie and a globetrotter. Recent updates have seen Allie in her current Indonesian location, alongside stateside destinations such as Las Vegas, Nevada, and Palm Springs, California. On the gourmet front, this girl has updated her account with smoothie bowls, burgers, and today’s balanced vegan dish.

Fans have been asking about today’s menu. One wrote,

“Wat [sic] is that glorious looking food”

Allie obliged with a personal reply, per her comment.

“@rebeccaboo93 Italian tofu scramble! Sooooo good”

Other comments to today’s post have seen Auton called a “babe” and “gorgeous.” Allie has 230,000 Instagram followers. Despite her relatively modest fanbase, Allie’s potential as an influencer has already been spotted. Her bio announces an ambassador status with Fashion Nova. The affordable clothing brand is known for advertising its merchandise via Instagram models and their non-sponsored shout-outs. Today’s caption is an example.

Dedicated to Fashion Nova as Allie is, there is a luxury edge to this blue-eyed blonde. Today’s post showcases a stylish Louis Vuitton backpack, which was also featured in Allie’s Palm Springs update back in April. Bar the odd shopping trip to Louis Vuitton, Auton mostly appears to keep things affordable. Less can be said for Fashion Nova’s better-known face, Cardi B. The luxury-loving rapper made High Snobriety‘s headlines this year for wearing $3,000 Louis Vuitton pajamas.

Allie may have a way to go before reaching fame on Cardi B’s level, but she does have a notable fanbase. Her Instagram is followed by fellow models Jazmyne Wardell, Kim Muhovics, Laura Amy, and Tarsha Whitmore.